Where should You invest? Investment Dilemma...


"Where To Invest?" is itself a crucial question for everyone. Everyone gets so puzzled when it comes to investing. Investing is the process where you transfer your energy/money/power into something.

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Let's take the Hive power. For example, you delegate or donate someone your Hive power for a specific time. And borrower will give you more Hive Power in return.

Source of Investment

So where you should invest your money - It's so obvious, isn't it??
You should invest in the Hive, do some market research, and you'll know why it's the best source of investment.

But there's something more what I called the Best Investment Ever.
The Best Investment Ever

So what's more than money, Yes there's a thing that is more than money.
You got it right. You/yourself is the answer.

Try to put all your time, energy into yourself. And when you focus on one thing at a time. It will gradually grow and become better in the end.

Like the Compound interest, it goes the same for you. With the effort, work, time, and focus you'll make in yourself, you'll eventually grow.

So The Best Investment Ever Anyone Can Make is On Himself.

Invest in books, webinars, mentors. Learning is a long process, and it takes time it well worth it. Focus is the key thing. A productive person usually does one task at a time.

The best growth is inner growth. The person you want to compete in this long journey is only you and yourself. So always try to be better, do better than yesterday, and don't forget to have fun relax. Sometimes overwork can drain your energy.

Once the legendry investor gets interviewed by reporters, one reporter asked him - "Sir, what is your best investment till now?"
The best investor's reply was astonishing. - "A self-help book that I bought from the store at $1.09."

The best investment if he had done ever in his life was self-help books. Success leaves clues. So why are books the best source and best mentor? Because You are reading someone's decades of experience in some 234 pages. It's like seeing, feeling, and going on the journey of his life with each page gives an experience that is something we all needed.

Thanks a lot for being here. Let me know what you think.


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