Why I Want to Become a Writer


Becoming Writer is the first and last thing I want to accomplish in my life but why...

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Why is the reason I want to describe, Writing just content for your own sake your own profit it's not that my type. All I want to change the things that I always thinks I could change Like the Mindset of people how rotten and negative vibes are in our society and it the world. We judge each other by our eyes and don't want to understand their perspective Why someone become a criminal because of society "no" but someone's need made them maybe his daughter is on the line of death and live so he has to rob the bank.. More there are more perspective to the same things.
Everyone see and everyone can judge so easily I write because the judgement someone makes is no more crucial than our way of thinking how we take it.
Making someone's life better is always my dream by giving someone answer in quora and helping them when no one are Thinking to make a chnage, One Must always go forward and stand, it's all started with one.
So I want to become the one, one day I'll be, sure little steps matters I will go till I find my destination.
In the end I just want to add that when I write some content it's not because I care about someone's opinion it's always because of my own thoughts, What I think is crucial and this world would be a better place for now, for our future generation.
We live everyday, so everyday I wake up and do my best.