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I’m finally back in my spot after 5 months. Man it was down to the wire trying to get everything ready aster buying all new stuff. Catching the Covid was worst timing ever. Oh btw @dswigle I’m just back in this past week👍. I tore something in my knee
I just can’t catch a break but I’m in good spirits just waiting to see the orthodontist now. Doing PT at home and trying to build some muscle after dropping the weight. Anyway enough about me!

Yea I see plastic used and copper and what not less and less where it can be. They don’t make it or build it like they used 2. But on a high note at least ya got a free cutting board 😁

I dig the nickname! The half way house!
The last time a buddy told me he was staying at the half way house it was a different kinda story!😅