Bohol Blog Part 2: Till We Meet Again, Bohol.

Hello hive friends! How's your week going? I hope you're doing well because me? I am definitely fine.

Last week I shared with you Part 1 of Bohol Travel. Now, I am continuing to share the second part of the blog with you. These images are impressive, and I had fun watching them (of course traveling itself is memorable).

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Our first destination was the Xzootic Animal Park and Butteryfly Garden located in Agape, Loay, Bohol. The entrance fee per head for snake viewing is 50 pesos or 1 dollars and there is an additional 50 pesos also if you want to enter in their butterfly garden. This place is quiet memorable for me because after so how many years, I personally touched the skin of the snake and we also took a picture while carrying it. The caretakers told us that there was only one giant snake a long time ago but they decided to breed the snakes that is why there are already I think more than 4 giant snakes in the facility.


Our next stop is Bohol's latest tourist attraction; Sikatuna Mirror of the World. I love this place. It's like you're travelling abroad! The place features the different tourist attractions around the world like the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Singapore's Merlion, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and Bohol's own Hollywood inspired sign which they called Bohollywood and many more! I should have featured this in a different blog but I'm quiet busy these days and I rarely have time to create longer contents for blog. But overall, the place is really great with an entrance fee of 120 pesos or 2 dollars.




One of the rarest natural resources attraction in the Philippines is located in Bohol; Chocolate Hills. The Chocolate Hills are a geological structure in thecprovince of Bohol. When I was still on my basic education years this geological structure is very famous because it is in the history books of every Filipino schools. The count of chocolate hills is unknown. There are at approximately 1268 hills that have been identified, yet some estimates have it as high as 1776.

The tallest hill, which is not particularly large, is only about 120 meters high. Nonetheless, most hills range in height from 30 to 50 meters. A fifty square kilometer area contains the conical Chocolate hills.


I am mesmerize and I could even stare it all day.




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Lastly for Bohol, also one of their famous attraction is the Man-made Forest. It is also called as Bohol Mahogany Forest becauss the trees here are Mahogany Trees. The consistent height of the large trees, the spread of their branches, and the thickness and arrangement of their leaves make the man-made forest stand out. Around the older trees, seedlings are everywhere. The branches and the dense foliage block the view of the sky while magnificent trunks, some thick and others only a few months old, rise straight up.





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This whole Bohol trip was sponsored by my partner's elder sister. It was already planned and the bookings of the hotel was also done months prior to this trip. I was not so sure if I can come with them because I think my mom won't allow me yet. Bug fortunately, my parents allowed me to go for tnis trip. I am beyond thankful and grateful for my partner's family because of their warm welcome and adding me on the listvfor this trip.

Bohol is a recommended tourist attraction. I hope mg fellow hivers, if you plan on visiting the Philippines, you might want to add Bohol in your list. The people there are welcoming and you can help their community by just visiting Bohol.


Till We Meet Again, Bohol.