Hey shawty it's my birthday!


Hi there! Wishing me a happy birthday! I really wanted to make a blog on the day of my birthday and even this blog will be so short I still want to publish or post it because I just want to look back these moments when I grow old. My life has been very miserable last 2022, I cried a lot, shared success and failure with the people around me, trying to let myself explore a new world, new people and making myself create the future that I want. As always, it does not always go with the plan. But, you can always have Plans A-Z which means, do not give up. But, why am I saying this? I am saying this because that is what I have learned last 2022. I always do what is best for myself and for other people. I do my best to be successful on my plans and celebrate in the end. However, last year was difficult. I experienced one of the biggest problem I could have encountered in my entire life. I won't be able to share what's the story behind it because of the people involved but I am very graceful to share that I have successfully pass that phase of my life. And I know that trial was given to me because He knows I can handle it. I stood up and learn from that situation and I promised myself I would never cry that hard again (the next time would be if I won a lottery for millions lol). Now, I am thankful to the Lord and ready for what's next for me. Here I come!

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