Let's Talk About Sportsmanship


In your own words, how would you describe the word sportsmanship? By definition according to google.com sportsmanship is the fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest.

My brother is one of the players of our area's team for the basketball league in our barangay. They had their first game yesterday and I was very excited to watch since it is his first time to participate in activities like this. I am not a fan of basketball but I enjoyed watching the movements of the players and also the people cheering and making noise makes the ambiance of the game very interesting.

On the first line of my blog, I asked you how would you define or describe the word sportsmanship. Now let me share how I define or describe that word. For me, sportsmanship is not just about being fair and acting generous behavior towards others or towards your opponent, it is also showing and doing things that will lead you to be a good example of any sports that you are playing for. One of which I have observed while watching the game is by simply following the rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are made to make sure that the game runs smoothly and fairly. If in the first place you respect your opponent or other people in the game, you will abide the rules of the game. If you follow the rules, you have shown respect to your opponent, to the moderators, to your team mates, to the audience and of course, you are showing respect to the game itself. As what the golden rule says "Do not do ubto others what you do not want others will do unto you". Being sportsmanship begins with you. So from now on, I hope the essence of sportsmanship will grow and foster in our hearts. Thank you for reading this blog and see you on my next!

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