Why would I miss?


Bikini Time!

A bikini lover won't miss bikini minutes at the beach! Finally, after months of being so busy with work had the time in Bohol to go beachina and flaunt that bikini!

One time, I already shared to one of my blogs that I was also once afraid to flaunt and wear bikinis at the beach but I swore to myself that when I became 20, I would start to face my fears and embrace it or accept what other people's going to say. Now, I am loving all the positive comments that people would leave whenever I post bikini pictures. I know that we all have different body sizes and preferences but it does hinder you from wearing what you love and what makes you happy as long as you know that what you're doing is good and you never hurt other people. I know that in your case right now, it is still somehow difficult to get out of your comfort zone. But trust me, getting out of your comfort zone leaves you plenty of lessons and realizations. So from then, I learned to be myself, express what's on my mind and sharing it with people around me.

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