The girls birthday was approaching and their mom decided to get them wears for the celebration. She couldn't get the kids to the store so she sent pictures for them to choose and they both made their choices.

On getting home, Mrs. Philips gave them their package and after unboxing it. Elsa wore a sad look and everyone noticed it immediately.

"Elsa, what's wrong?", their mother asked in a high tone.

"Nothing mom", she answered sharply and left for her room.

Ella followed her immediately to ask what was wrong, she was always watching over her sister and hates to see her sad.

"Are you okay, twinny", Ella asked as she sat by her side.

Elsa slowly raised her head and said, "I am fine, I just love your dress more than mine".

"Wow, you are just so unbelievable Elsa. Mom asked us to choose and you took that so why don't you like it?", Ella stood and was about to leave the room when she heard Elsa sobbing already.

She went back to her and exchanged the cloth just to make her sister happy.

"This would be the last time Elsa, you should learn to be satisfied with things", Ella advised her and left the room.

Mrs. Philips was angry about what happened and scolded the twin for swapping clothes.


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Mr. Phillips's twins were famous in the neighborhood, and the story surrounding their birth made them famous.

It took their parents 18 years after marriage, before they could have them and that alone, made them famous.

Elsa and Ella are identical and beautiful, it took a lot of people a whole year before spot the difference between them*.

They shared a lot of things in common except for Elsa's lousiness and desire to always have the best of everything their parents got for them. She always want to choose first whenever they got new things and every attempt to correct her failed.

Ella was quiet and very understanding. She didn't bother about Elsa's behavior when it comes to choices and many times, she would be glad to take what was left by her sister.

The twins grew up and had to leave home for their tertiary education. They got admission into the same school but had to study different courses.

It was a whole new experience for them since it was their first time staying far away from their parents. They settled in well at school and soon became famous just like they were at home.

Elsa made friends quickly but Ella didn't, she was scared of getting influenced. Her sister was enough for her but Elsa had completely mixed up.

On a fateful afternoon, they agreed to meet for lunch in the school cafeteria but Ella was delayed because of a lecture.

Elsa had eaten and was waiting for her sister to come over since she was going to pay for the meal. She wasn't feeling comfortable staying longer there because the food vendor was already disturbing her to pay.

James, another student of that institution was at the cafeteria at that time. He notice Elsa and offered to pay for her meal, she felt embarrassed but couldn't reject it.

"I am James", he introduced himself but Elsa wouldn't listen and when he tried getting her attention, she insulted him.

"Hey dude, please don't think you can talk to me because you helped. Follow me to the science department and I will return your money", Elsa spoke in anger.

James felt embarrassed and said goodbye to her.

The twin eventually met after school and Elsa took out the anger from her experience on Ella.

A few months passed and Ella met James. It was in the same cafeteria, the two met while leaving and Ella just greeted him.

Everyone knows Ella to be the type that greets a lot and James was surprised.

"Do you remember me?", he asked Ella and she said, "No, I am not sure we have met".

James tried reminding her but she couldn't. They were about to go their separate ways when Ella called him back.

"Hello", Ella went back in his direction.

She continued, "I have a twin sister, probably she was the one you met".

"Oh, really? You guys must have opposite personalities", Jame said jokingly and they both laughed.

James shared his experience with Ella and she apologized on Elsa's behalf.

They met again and became friends, Elsa got to know about their friendship and was pissed.

"Can't you make friends with those students whose parents are rich and influential in the society?", Elsa asked her sister on their way home from school.

"Why did you say so?", Ella replied with curiosity.

"Your friendship with that so-called James is getting too close and I am not comfortable with it", Elsa answered.

Ella burst into laughter before warning Elsa not to speak ill about James anymore. Ella teased her sister around and the discussion led to another.

Elsa made friends with the big boys in school and would always tease Ella whenever she hang around with James.

It went on like that for quite some time and the girl eventually got into a relationship in their final year.

Mr. Philips has issues with his small business, he was falsely accused of transporting contraband with his delivery trucks, and things went from good to bad for him.

Paying his girl's final year school fees became an issue and Mrs. Philip being a full housewife didn't have the means to help.

Mr. Philip raised some money but it wouldn't do, he told his girls about it and they became worried as well.

James noticed Ella wasn't cheerful while at lunch and he asked what was bothering her.

Ella eventually told him and he took care of the money. She was surprised and rejected the help but after James told him who he was, Ella knew such money was nothing to him.

He paid for the twin's tuition and even begged his father to look into Mr. Philips's case properly with his connection.

Ella didn't disclose anything to her parents but she eventually did when James decided to bring his family to meet hers. It's been a few years since they graduated and he wanted to take their relationship to the next stage.

"Elsa, I am planning to get married to James", Ella told her sister while they were chatting.

"Are you out of your mind? This guy is a nobody and we deserve better", Elsa replied.

"That's the problem with you. Idris was your fifth boyfriend and that's because you keep finding the wrong thing in guys. You can fall in love with a nobody and become somebody".

*According to mom and dad, dad had nothing when they met but look at them today".

"I liked James the very day we met, his personality melts my heart."

"There is a lot to him than you know and you will get to know when his family comes over the weekend".

Elsa was sad and went to bed in tears, she was eager to know who James was.


The weekend came and Ella's parents started preparing to receive James family.

They were patiently waiting and suddenly, they started hearing a siren noise from outside the compound.

"That must be them", Ella said with excitement.

"What do you mean?", her parents asked but Ella was at the door already to receive them.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip was surprised to see armed security personnel entering the compound.

"Isn't that the famous businessman in the country?", Mr. Philips asked his wife who was surprised as well.

They received them quite well and the meeting was great. The families made the marriage plans and they were both happy.

Elsa was the only sad person, she wished she was patient enough back then.

"His appearance that day made me speak to him rudely, unknowing to me that he was more than that", Elsa spoke to herself as she paced around the room.

She left for Ella's room to talk to her.

"Ella", she called out to her sister.

Ella got out of bed and went to hug her without uttering a word.

Ella continued, "About James" but Ella cuts in, "I can not let you have what you want this time, James is mine".

"I am not here for that, I only came to bless your union in advance", Elsa said with a soft smile on her face.

The sisters hugged each other more as they cried and the twins spent the night chatting.

Ella and James got married, and their union was blessed with a twin as well.


Ella’s patience and goodhearted nature eventually wears her sister’s jealousy thin. Ella finds love because she sees more to people than their pecuniary value, while Elsa finds understanding and experiences growth. A sweet story, with a lovely message. Thanks for sharing your story with us on The Ink Well.

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