Time wasting is deadlier compared to money wasting.



Time and money are two human resources that can't be overlooked, they are among the most important resources every human needs in the world today. Time is natural while money isn't, we all can make money but we can't time.


I have many times thought about the possibility of tampering with time which seems to be impossible, it could have been human's biggest invention. I remembered watching a movie where there was a machine that could take people back and front in time, I can imagine what we can achieve with it if the machine is in good hands.

Covid could have been prevented, the Russia and Ukraine conflict could have been stopped from even happening at all. A lot of things would have been easy, crime investigations would be solved easily if we can go back in time to see what really happened but all these aren't possible and that proves how much time is invaluable.

A lot of people do not know how important time is compared to money and that makes them cherish money more. We usually think we are good with time until we check properly before we can see how much time we are wasting on daily basis, I have seen people boast about their money management skills but very few of us can boast about our time management skills.


Placing value on money over time usually doesn't end well, I will cite an example

I have this young lady, she is an extended family member who is currently working as a sales girl to keep herself busy because of the ASUU strike. I persuaded her to utilize the time properly but she thought the money she would make is more important, she is mature enough to make decisions for herself so I let her be.

The family was chatting on Sunday when she came to sit by my side, I knew something was bothering her so I gave her attention. She said her friend sent her a picture of the cake she made and she was jealous, I asked why?

She said she wished she could learn as well, I reminded her how I persuaded her to get a skill instead of a job but she was so much into the money. I asked her how much she has saved and she said nothing, somehow the previous month has not added any value to her.

She said she would quit and learn a skill at the end of the month, I asked her what she would do or how would she feel if she starts the skill on the first day of July and the strike is called off on the 3rd of July?

She couldn't figure out an answer, the truth is that she could have acquired a skill even if not up to perfection but she was concerned about the money. The time she could have used to learn the skill can't be recovered and she would be sad if the strike is been called off now.

I am sure some of them would have thought that the friend who went to learn how to bake wasted money but she didn't, she only used the money to utilize the time available, and even if it is considered a waste, the money can be recovered if she starts baking for people and earning from it.

Since humans do not have power over time, it is impossible to recover it when wasted. A time wasted is gone forever but it is different for money, you can recover wasted money even though it might take a while.

Although both time and money-wasting are not a habit but we must be very mindful about how we use resources that can't be bought, earned, or recovered by any means. Utilizing time properly can give you money but it doesn't work like with money, because it will never buy you time.

Time has a lot to with our existence, it is life and it is a must that we cherish it as much as we can.

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