Love and hope


In my region life is very pleasant, generally we all get along very well among neighbors and we all work in the surrounding industries.


The problem with me is that I am very introverted, I like to be alone, I don't like crowds although I try to hide it when I am invited to be in groups, but I can't stay too long among so many people and I always have an excuse to get out of there.

I have everything I need, my parents, my siblings, the few friends, the many co-workers, but I feel that something is still missing. My spirit is sad.

Even though I have always been able to be with me and in line with my ideals, now at 25 years old, I feel like there is a gap that I cannot fill. That hole is empty and I can't find a way to fill it. Is it really what my family says that I need the love of a man?

I don't know, I'm not really in the mood to look for a partner, I just hope that by the time I feel ready to meet him it won't be too late for me.

And so, life goes on for everyone in this beautiful town visited by many and loved by many others. One day while I was on my way to the supermarket and parked my car, I could see how someone was trying to put so many bags in his car that, in the attempt, he struggled and several things fell on the floor. I quickly went over and with his permission I managed to help him. As I placed the things in the car's trunk and we were saying nonsense apparently, we both looked each other in the eyes for a moment.

At that moment I was immersed in his gaze and I didn't want to take my eyes off him, but I knew I had to. Then I stepped back and apologized and I don't know how much nonsense I said until I said goodbye and turned around to leave.

Already entering the store to do my shopping, I felt a squeeze on my arm and a voice simultaneously said to me...

"Hey! The least we can do for this chance encounter is to introduce ourselves" and he stretched out his hand. I saw him and I think it was a long time before I came to my senses and decided to shake his, with a smile that was perhaps the best I had, I extended my hand and he quickly placed his other hand in mine and I managed to pull myself away with a touch of nervousness that he noticed.

"Roberto" he said, to which I answered… "Patricia."

I quickly slipped away to the shop and left him almost with my hand still up there in the doorway of the shop. I quickly went inside and started looking for the groceries I had been sent to buy but I forgot them and only remembered that nice man.

After a long walk looking without seeing I decided to stop and think about what I was doing to remember what I should buy.
Little by little I remembered but the image of the man did not leave but came back and back like fresh gusts of soft breeze and made me get a slight smile.

I paid and left the place, driving home. On the way I kept repeating his name as if not to forget it, Roberto, Roberto... I hope to see him again.

And so, a few days later I met him again walking very close to where I worked and we saw each other by chance. He recognized me immediately and I him. We both said our names at the same time and then laughed about it.

It was there that my love affair began. I never thought I would ever love someone like that in my life. The hole I felt in my heart felt full. He was a very dear person to everyone, my family adored him and my friends congratulated me for being so lucky to have found someone so special, kind, helpful, responsible and loving.

Soon after, we got married. It was a year-long relationship where we learned a lot about each other. I got pregnant and just a year after our wedding anniversary our first born was born. The happiness continued. There was so much love in our families. I learned to lean on him for confidence. I was helped by his strength, his love, his persistence.

It was a rainy day, beautiful as every day in our beautiful town and he decided to go out to do some shopping for dinner. He went out that night… and it was already very late. When he did not arrive, I felt scared and didn't know why.

I called the police and asked them to find out if there had been any accidents on the way here, but no. There were no reports, there was nothing wrong. So what had happened?

Where did my husband end up? The next morning I went to the hospital, even to the morgue, with great pain in my soul, but thank God I found nothing there.

The notices on the walls of the town multiplied, my family and friends helped me. It was all in vain.

Years passed; my heart had not buried the possibility of seeing him again. I lost him, where are you? I always ask. I don't know where but he is lost somewhere. I don't think he left us but something happened to him, but someday I'll know what?


I went on with my life, I had my beautiful son who was now 3 years old and looking more and more like his father, my husband's family couldn't understand what happened to him either and kept looking for him as I did.

Come summer, it was so unbearably hot that the levels of the lake next to the road dropped. Coming home in the afternoon on the longer but less traveled road, I could see the traffic inspectors pulling a car out of the river, I could see the corner of the car and its color and then the plates covered in mud. I immediately stopped, everyone turned around because of the screeching of my tires. It was Roberto's car... I ran from my car to the place that was cordoned off but I screamed so loud that someone came to my aid.

It was the traffic detectives that I had asked long ago to check the roads. There was my husband's vehicle.
I had to wait... it was the longest wait of my life. He had to be there. Oh God, no way… To die by drowning, or whatever had happened to him.

No, there's no one in the car. A flat tire. They presume that's what ran him off the road. A very thick tree trunk was down. It was still there. On that tree he hit the car, the roof of his car had a dent, he had probably hit it with his face or his head, he was not there, but where was he then? They continued their search and did not find his body in the lake.

I decided to search on my own, I have never lost hope of finding him. I followed the roads that led to several towns that were very close but not dependent on my town. Every week I went and searched and no one knew anything about my Roberto.

I went out one weekend with my son, he was already 4 years old. We went to buy groceries at a farm that had very good quality products and always supplied the locals in my town. We went and stayed at an inn, I planned to pick up the groceries and the next day continue on the road with my son. In the meantime, I would search here and there.

We returned in the afternoon to the inn ready to get ready to enjoy the local dinner and… it was there that I saw him...

My hands dropped the glass I was going to put to my lips, he was bringing dinner to me, he looked at me with his beautiful eyes and we stood looking at each other. I was stunned, but he just looked down and looked back up at me, as if he didn't know who I was and he didn't want to stop looking at me either.

He then said to me...

"Excuse me, do you know me? From your look and your reaction, I think you have seen something in me. Please tell me if that is so. You see, after an accident more than 3 years ago I can't remember anything at all."

I didn't know what to do, I couldn't even tell him that I did think I knew him.

"Excuse me, you really don't remember me?"

It was all I could say at that moment… And he himself was only staring at me, until he apologized and said...

"No, I don't remember you."

And there I was, his wife… and with our son who was looking at him like trying to remember him. He was very little when he stopped seeing him. I left it at that point, I didn't want to mortify him.

I asked him who he was there with and he told me the owner of the place.

"He was the one who found me wandering the streets and offered me a job. I have been here for some time, trying to find my family or friends because I must have some them."

I couldn't stand it anymore. I started crying. I broke down and told him that this child was his son, I also told him that I had been searching for him for 3 years, I told him everything I had to tell. He looked at me with deep and excited eyes.

He told me that he knew when he looked into my eyes, he realized that I had something that seemed familiar to him, and he didn't know what it was. Now he felt it, more than knowing it, he felt that someday he would recover his memories.

We talked to the owner of the store and he told me how he found him alone, walking along the road, with a heavy blow to the head and gave him help. As he found no answers to anything he kept him with him while he helped him on the farm and at the inn.

The next day we left the inn and headed for town where their relatives were waiting for him. It was a matter of luck or fate perhaps.

He was attended by doctors who found the best treatment for his memory loss and little by little he gradually recovered his memory. And I felt like the luckiest woman in the world with another second chance to enjoy my great love.


This is another fictitious story I made up for you today. With the difference that I did it with a love story.

Faith moves mountains, in any situation we must always listen to the voice of the heart and have enough faith to expect the unexpected and the miracle will happen.

This story symbolizes faith and true love, when the two cross paths only God can separate them.

I'm @gertu from Venezuela to the world.