Tolerance and envy, something to live with.



One of the ways of learning is to listen to what people tell us. In some cases we do not listen to people because of a mistaken prejudice about them. We may mistakenly think that they are people of low cultural level or that they do not have enough credentials to pronounce themselves on a subject, but to my way of seeing the world, we learn from everyone and everything.

What are the parameters by which we can think that someone is not suitable to teach us based on their own experiences?

When we listen to people we can realize if they are really aware of the subject they are talking about or commenting on and that is when we should take advantage of our mind to capture the information we can get, it's better to listen to what they tell us.

Tolerance is an important factor in our relationship with people. Sometimes we refuse to accept people as they are, it may be the case that we dislike something in the individual's personality or in the way they speak or say things, this is when we mentally close ourselves off from accepting those people and are not very receptive to them.

We must learn to accept people as they are, to respect their flaws or mistakes. Nobody wants to be disliked by another person. No one wants to make mistakes to harm others or to affect others, it all depends on our perception and whether we take it personally.

We have to stop thinking that everyone is conspiring against us, to make us fall and then trample us when we are lying on the floor, it's better to think that many people are not really interested in us and what probably happens is that they don't really want to get involved in what happens to us. Everyone has their own life, their own confrontations so sometimes it is better to think that people don't have time to plot against us, let alone waste their time wishing us ill.

It is common for people to be envious of other people's achievements but that is not a bad thing, as long as that envy is not geared towards destroying the work that another person has undertaken. Healthy envy sometimes stimulates people to want to work harder to end up doing a better job, that is a good way to grow without harming anyone.

It is not that there is a bad envy or a good envy, it's never good to have this feeling to strengthen our personality, but there are people who take to an unhealthy extreme the feeling of wanting to get things easily when they see it in the hands of others and may even think that person got it without any effort.

Or they may think that the person in question has many more resources to achieve success than they themselves totally lack. They may also come to believe under the stimulus of envy that they are more deserving than the other person, this is unhealthy and such thinking should not be allowed in her life.


Instead we have a feeling that helps us to try to surpass ourselves when we see that other people at our same level and with tools as good as ours can get benefits that we can achieve. Even if we give more effort to our desires, this is when the saying "the student surpasses the master" takes effect, we must always think that we can obtain benefits for our personal improvement if we put more efforts to our works.

We have the capacity to stop our greatest mental torments, our mind is set up like a computer. I mean that our brain can clean our stored files of harmful thoughts, fears or fears, our brain has the capacity to reformulate our thoughts towards growth, towards success and not towards our destruction.

It's up to each one of us to try to find the best way to get ahead in life by taking the necessary tools to produce good thoughts, to eliminate fears and the best way to eliminate our fears is to face them. When we can make strategies to face our fears they will gradually be removed from our brain and in their place will be new ways to fight against them and to place thoughts of power and domination of the situation will have its price and its reward.

Intolerance and envy sometimes embrace each other, the rejection of some people may be embedded in our thinking as a weapon of defense against people we see as more successful and therefore we do not tolerate their presence. Either because if we accept them we will be accepting that they deserve everything they have and that is precisely what does not allow us to get close to them.

Learning to accept others and stop having feelings such as not being able to achieve goals is an arduous but not impossible journey, learning to modify toxic thoughts for healthy ones makes us healthier people and more capable of achieving success.

These small doses of good wishes, defense mechanisms and ways to move forward in our lives are ways that I have adopted in the course of my life. I present them to you with no intention of harming or upsetting anyone, simply with the desire that someone can take it and follow it if they feel it is right for them.

We all live in different ways but sometimes the end is the same. Let's overcome our obstacles and reach the mental balance to face the diverse situations that come our way, giving the right value to those who deserve it, and to those who do not deserve it we must also respect, because life is a continuous flow, today you are and tomorrow you are not.

Thanks for your comments and for reading.