You can choose, I choose to be optimistic.


People have the option of free will, we can choose how we feel. We can choose to be pessimistic or we can try to be optimistic, nothing is impossible for the human being. The mind, our mind has the capacity to program our brain to always feel good.


It has been written that our words have power, it’s not something new to bring this up because in all areas of life we know that if people pronounce through their lips words for evil they will surely get it. Words such as slander, backbiting, flashphemies, etc. against someone, it is most likely that the person in question will have a very bad time.

But if on the contrary we decide that from our lips will come words of well-being, of praise, of gratitude, surely the person who gets these words will do very well.

Then we can affirm that everything we say has a reach and it depends on us how we use our words to others. If we are optimistic people we will surely say words of encouragement even if everything is going wrong but if on the contrary we are pessimistic people no argument will be valid before the person to feel or make others who listen to him feel good.

That is why from the religious point of view it is affirmed that we should always bless our fellow men, because the word "God bless you" has such an immensely positive connotation that whoever we say it to will feel truly happy.

If we are religious and hear that word we will feel that this blessing comes from the supreme being and is pronounced by our lips in his name. At the same time that we wish well to ourselves for pronouncing it we will also wrap ourselves in that blessing.

The thing is whether we are believers or not, but the important thing is that if we know the beliefs of the people around us, it’s certain that they will be grateful that we always say a word of encouragement to them.

But there is also the negative side when we are pessimistic, if someone hurls offenses at us, negative words pointing at us or wishing us ill, our mind starts to play a bad trick on us, we think how much reach those bad wishes will have and immediately if something happens in a negative way our mind associates it to the bad wishes that were pointed out to us.

We do not know the power and the reach that our mind has. When people say bad words to us instead of worrying about the reach that it can achieve in our life we can immediately bless that person, yes, we should bless him/her. Because our blessing will neutralize any bad word that is inferred towards our being.

Try to practice good, to be positive and not to accept that in your mind and in your life enter bad words of bad desires towards you from other people.

To be positive, to be optimistic is something that is practiced. It is something very difficult to achieve because life sometimes insists on removing from your mind your best mood. But you must try that under no aspect the things contrary to your desires lead you to feel bad and to want to stop protecting yourself with optimism.

Specialists in the subject of optimism say that this is a very difficult practice, especially when things always happen to you that do not give you satisfaction. Simply because you don’t look for the good side of what happens.

Always behind situations that may seem negative, sometimes they will show us that everything happened for a greater good.


Knowing this we will strengthen our mind towards positivism and our mind will be very easy to establish that we are optimistic and that nothing should take us out of this difficult practice that is to make us an optimistic personality.

Cheer up, start thinking about the power of your mind, in the power of the word that comes out of your mouth, continue to bless both your friend and your loved ones, your relatives, all those you love but do not forget to bless everyone who has come into your life and has wished you evil.

Why should we be optimistic? Because this is the only way to fill our hearts with words of blessing, not of hatred or rancor, we may be upset with someone but that does not mean we hate them. We are human beings who respond to evil and we may feel bad when that happens.

But we immediately come to our senses and let our blessings out. So that everything is reversed. So that we feel peace in our hearts and that peace reaches out to others.

You have both the power to believe that your word is true and you also have the power to give much more credence to the word that comes from evil. So my dear friend, so be it. The power of the other person who has wished you ill will take effect because you allowed it, you believed him and gave him your mental power.

We have to give strength to ourselves. Don't give the power of your mind to someone else contrary to yourself. Convince yourself that you can do it.

Be optimistic. Take control of your words. Take control of your blessings.
You know what? The power of suggestion is very great, I was remembering a story I read about the power of suggestion.

I remembered that somewhere in the world a scientist wanted to test a theory of his. He couldn't find a way to test it. He decided to talk to a death row inmate and explained that since he was going to die anyway why didn't he allow the scientist to test an experiment of his.

The death row inmate after listening to him told him that it was okay. After all, he had nothing to lose and it was better to die this way, the way the scientist was proposing, than to die in the electric chair, charred as was already stipulated by law.

So the scientist began his theory. He laid the prisoner down on the stretcher and placed him in restraints so that he would not move, the scientist had already explained to him that he would make a small cut on his wrist and from there drops of blood would come out little by little until the prisoner would bleed to death and die peacefully without pain.

Then the scientist made a simulation of a small wound on his wrist, which the prisoner felt, but did not see. But you know what? The wound was so superficial that it produced only a scratch.

But immediately the scientist who had placed a tray to collect the blood from the supposedly important wound on the prisoner's wrist opened the drip to a water solution that was out of the prisoner's sight.

This allowed him to hear the drops of blood falling from the wound inflicted on his wrist, the alleged wound on his wrist and the drops of blood or solution were falling rapidly into the container.

After a few minutes the scientist slowed down the dripping of the solution, this was interpreted by the prisoner as meaning that he was running out of blood.

The patient prisoner, immobilized, unable to see to the sides, could only hear the dripping and began to turn pale as the dripping became less and less frequent. Until he could hardly hear the drops and the pale patient ended up in cardiac arrest, from which he did not come out and died at that moment.

I don't know if this is a fictional story or if it was real. What is certain is that the scientist was able to demonstrate his theory with a human being on death row, the power of the mind has more power because of the strength we give it.

It costs you nothing to be optimistic, it costs you nothing to wish for good. It costs you nothing to go through life blessing the good that is in every person so that evil will stop flowing and go away.

When you are sad, discouraged, remember this experiment as a reflection. And tell your mind, yes I can. Yes I will get out of this, because I say so and my word has power. Or if on the contrary you don't believe in anything I have told you and you think you can never be an optimistic person, then remember that it is only your decision and nobody forces you.

May God bless all those who believe without seeing because theirs will be the kingdom of heaven.

Thank you all for reading my post.

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