Pink space | Weekly posting #8


Hi again everyone !
I'll start with that I didn't even noticed when the 3 days has passed, maybe that's because I started work on my original comic, let me tell you one thing - there is a lot more than you would ever think to write down when you're creating a world, it's pretty tought.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the main plot of this comic, and just yesterday i got this amazing idea, I tell you guys it will be awesome.
If I ever get to finish concept, and do something more than just planning, I hope you guys would love to see it on this platform. I'm not gonna hide it, I watch a lot of anime and toons, I think it started when I was a little boy, I just loved the way there is almost no boundaries in these 2D worlds.
Because I'm creating this amazing stuff in real life I didn't really had that much time to prepare anything as amazing as previous drawings but I still didn't forget about you !

I like this drawing I'm gonna show you for one simple reason - it has some connections and actual inspiration from Disney & Pixar movie "Coco" not gonna lie, I did shed a tear while watching it, it was just so heart-tugging and sad.

I named the drawing "Calavera" , it means "skull" in spanish.


Please pay attention to the details, I would like to notice that one eye is blank for purpose - it is supossed to mean that it's blind(it also looks cool, and spooky ).
There is something I just love about pink color, maybe that's because it reminds me of strawberry yoghurt I was eating very often as a child.

Take a look a lot at pre-coloring and shading version, actually there is no much diffrence :)


Both versions are pretty, which one do you like more ? let me know in the comment section.
Fun fact i also thought about using most of my drawings - old and new - in my comic what do you think about that guys ?

Let's move to the next drawings, unfortunately this one doesn't have that much of a background as "Calavera" did, I just simply wanted to draw a person with the "DUMB" on forehead, it is a paradox that he's not smiling, I heard a lot stereotypes throught my life, that stupid people are the happy ones, I don't that, I also don't think there are stupid people anymore, they're just people doing stupid things, like everyone.
Dont get me wrong, for sure there are some stupid people but most of them actually aren't that bad.
When you see someone sad, ask them if they need a hug or beer.

Enough for emotional things, check out this cool drawing :) "Modern thinker" :


Also check out the raw version, it's not that stunning but it's worth being looked at :))


I think that would be the longest post I've ever made, unfortunately coming to an end.

Music I'm listening to while writing the post; Gorillaz - Saturnz barz ( on the loop)

There is a lot of stuff I need to do today, so wish me good luck, I'm still running after job, I need to also pick up few packages, go for a shopping, and write down some important stuff to comic.

But I hope you have more or less free time. If you're reading this post, finish it and go outside, play with your kids, ask someone for help, or help yourself by grabbing a beer and enjoy the rest of the day ! :))))

(By the way sorry for any spelling/vocabulary mistakes, I'm typing post in a hurry but i keep it High quality !)

Remember to leave Upvote, and comment if you liked the post ! I would be grateful :)



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