A Cold Journey.

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A cold journey we had
Just the worst time of the year
For a journey, and such a long journey
The waves deep and the weather sharp
The very dead of winter
And the camels galled, sore footed
Lying down in the melting snow
There were times we regretted
The summer palaces on slope, the terraces
And the silken girls bring sherbet
Then the camel men cursing and grumbling
And running away, wanting their liquor and women
And the night fires going out, and the lack of shelters
And the girls are hostile and the town's unfriendly
And the villages dirty and charging high prices
A hard time we had of it
At the end, we preferred to travel all night
Sleeping in snatches
With the voices singing in our ears, saying
That this was all folly
Then at dawn we came down to a temperate valley
Wet below the snowline
Smelling of vegetation
With a running stream and a water - mill beating the darkness
And three trees on the low sky
And an old white horse galloped away in the meadow
All this was a long time ago I remember
And I would do it again
But set this down;
Were we led all that way for birth or death?
There was a birth certainly
We had evidence and no doubt, I had seen birth and death
But had thought they were different


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