Another Day.

Inspiration As They Come.

I pencilled down my thoughts in short poems as they come. I would need to work on them and expand more. I am a good observer and I get inspired easily. Enjoy the inspiration for today;

One Day.

One day,
a numbered few decided that it was okay for us to die without cause.

So one morning they set out
and saw Gabriel with a good phone,
they drag him into their jaded van
that looks a lot like their life.

Another day
they see Ahmad in his nice car
that he got with his hard-earned money
and conclude that he is a thief that steals from oyinbo fools.

But yesterday we heard again
that another legal thief stole
and till now, men in black haven't visited his home.

It's a music festival in my head.
Wailing pianos
and screaming guitars,
with high-pitched voices
and heavy dancing.

But on my face,
I'm a calm and smiley girl.
I'm not a pretender,
I have just gotten good at curtailing
emotions that want to go haywire...

Drowning in the dark.

I'm ready, ready to be baptized
in the lurking shadows.
I will not struggle,
I won't try to run off.
I will surrender fully.

For I have tried countless times
to renounce this darkness
but I never seem to be able to leave.

So tonight, I will leave it all to fate
and let her plan the tides that
will lead me to the place of destiny...


Gingered Up! ❣️