Let's Dance.

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It's been long that I danced with you and I admit
I admit to my fault for not doing what is expected
I hope you accept yours too because it takes two to tango
Let's dance and afterwards we would make smoothies with Mango
It's been long we danced and I want to dance with you again
Even with the distance between us I know we can make it work
I want to still look deep into your hazel eyes
Watch the way your lips tweak in anticipation of my touch
I want to watch you laugh hard with our missed steps
That always find us falling on the cushion in each other's arms
I haven't forgotten what it means to have your lips locked in mine
I haven't forgotten what it means to smell your hair and feel your warmth
How can I forget the sound of satisfaction you make with my touches
Oh, baby, come again and let's dance over and over again
Let's dance and picture us alone in the world as we often do
Let's shun the reality as we get lost in each other's world
A love like ours should always blossom because it's simple and deep
Across time and space till we collapse it, I want to dance with you again


Gingered Up! ❣️