28 International Film Festival


Hey guys !!
For the ones that loves cinema like i do recently i attended the 28th International Cinema Festival ( premier nights).
I thing those 2 weeks of constant cinema are great for the cinema lovers and for the ones that wants to spend time watching movies for a night! So here i am going to give my takeaway and some thoughts!
I saw 4 screenings, all of which I had a great time at:
Decision to Leave is riveting and holds your interest from start to finish.

The Menu, probably the most enjoyable show I saw, continuous laughs but also suspense, perfect balance.

Aftersun, although coming out of the screening at the Astor I heard a lot of people think it didn't live up to the hype, personally I was totally won over, very sweet film without being melodramatic or emotionally blackmailing.

And to top it off, The Godfather at Ideal (we've all been there, right?). I had seen it before of course, even at home I might have felt a bit tired of the 3 hours in some places, but on the big screen it really captivated me from start to finish.

I would also like to dwell on some issues that troubled me.
How is it that when we know that most premieres are sold out and it will be a disaster and when they write on the tickets to come half an hour before to avoid inconvenience, there are so many people who come even 40 minutes after the start time of the movie. (I consider this delaying, in part, the organization, which already has a tendency to be a bit late)
It's a bit tiresome this waste of tickets, I mean it's nice to have such a turnout, but even for the Godfather I went to book 8 days before, there were very few good seats. I'm not even talking about the premieres that sell out in 20 minutes (fortunately, this year I happened to be at home at noon of the pre-sale and caught everything I wanted, but if one year, for example, you have school-work-whatever on that day, you simply won't catch anything). In general, if you don't have friends who are so crazy about the cinema, you simply can't make arrangements, let's go see something at the festival tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. There will be nothing left. The situation requires extreme planning.
I think that in a festival that is essentially an opportunity to see many films, the ticket could not be the classic that any cinema has.