Things to have in mind when opening a hospitality business

Hey guys
As I have mentioned many times I work in cafe - bar - restaurant the hospitality sector is my main source of income for 13 years and it runs through the family for decades . While I become more experienced in the field and starting to see more spherical and exploring all sides of business Human Resources, logistics, fiscal etc the main question I have to answer to my friends is if it’s hard to open such a business or not so let me answer it here 😂
New cafeterias are popping up all over the place, and they're not just for students. New generation of people is not afraid to open a new business
The operational challenges of today’s hospitality industry have a lot to do with automation. This complicates the restaurant problem and its solution for small businesses. Most restaurants accept online orders. If you want to keep up with the times, you should too. Otherwise, your competitors will reach customers you could never reach. Don't just expect customers to magically find you and come in, go where they are: online.
Among the challenges associated with running a restaurant is the loss of key employees. Restaurants are a great place for teens to find employment, which also means they may not be around for long. You can lose a lot of money on turnover because the cost of hiring someone is higher than the cost of retaining the existing staff you've already trained.
Find the right cafeteria for your business.
Before you know where to open your restaurant, you need to know who's going there. If you offer falafel sandwiches, your target audience may be vegetarians and college students craving healthy meals. As such, a location close to a college campus or health food store provides easy access to your key demographics—meaning the space would be a natural fit.
Just as you want diners to have access to your restaurant, you also want suppliers to have access because your food depends on them. Vendor-friendly locations have an accessible parking lot (rather than expecting vendors to park on the shoulder of a narrow street and dump supplies on a pedestrian street).
Ideally, you will focus on one cuisine (Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.). A restaurant that seems to do everything is not very trustworthy. Then align your menu with your unique selling proposition. If you have an upscale, classic Italian restaurant, use good quality paper, spaced fonts, and few images. If you own a fast food restaurant, focus on bold colors, attractive imagery, and glossy paper.
Food safety is one of the most important ethical issues in the hospitality industry. Since food is the focal point of any restaurant, you should treat it with great care. As a manager or owner , you may encounter many food shipping issues, such as: B. Items arrive late, require temperature-controlled shipping, or become contaminated. These can lead to other food safety issues in the restaurant, such as: B. Customers or staff getting sick.
Facilitate Communication: Many of the problems restaurants face can be solved through communication and procedures. Create clear guidelines for employee behavior from greeting to customer departure. Leave no room for interpretation​​.
So opening such a business is not that easy after all there are many things to go wrong and many things to go right, for me only someone with experience in the sector must open that kind of businesses because the period the businessman will have to gain that experience will be the most crucial !! The first three years are the hardest and most significant years of a new business.


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