How do you take failures in your life?


Failure is one of my favorite topics. I have not failed only once in my life. They have been too numerous to list here. Allow me to brag a little more. My failures have never been ordinary. Each time I failed, I found myself on the street, wondering where I would find my next meal.

Jim Rohn, the tremendous success and motivation guru of our century and the person I admire most, once said that chess should hold seminars to learn from its failures.

History is full of people who have failed thousands of times, and what they made of those failures has enabled humanity to live a life that would have been unimaginable without them. Whether it is Thomas Edison or Colonel Sanders, their losses have produced products and lifestyles that have changed the lives of the world.

But what happens when a determined person fails, and how do failures become celebrations?

People who fail are natural leaders. They reinvent themselves. They must act before precedent and play it safe. They look to the future and are willing to take calculated risks to fight for a future that improves the lives of others. They are ready to fail in this endeavor. They take responsibility for their failures and learn from them. They are passionate about what they do, learn from their failures, and persevere until they succeed.

People who fail learn the most Leaders love to fall. They even seem to welcome it and embrace it. Because they know they can make a difference, they are not afraid to fail. They persevere despite Failure. From each Failure, they learn how not to do something or how to do it better. For successful people, Failure is a way of life. Every Failure makes them even more determined to achieve success.

Failure is a weapon for true leaders. They learn disciplines from their failures. They sharpen themselves with the stone of Failure. There is no excuse for Failure, only the determination to succeed.

Every Failure has a built-in mechanism of self-correction and reprogramming for success. So failures are just a way to program yourself for tremendous success. You should initiate the self-rectification component and make a valiant effort to make it work effectively.

Do you know the fear of Failure is the greatest obstacle to your success? When you have overcome the fear of Failure, you will also have overcome procrastination and excuses for inaction. Then you are on the right track to fail, learn and succeed like never before.

If you have started to fail, there is a better time to celebrate. You are already on the road to success.


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