Is Procrastination Laziness?

Jakayla Toney

Procastination and laziness are two words that can easily be confused for each other.

In recent weeks, I've had to procrastinate to do some jobs I had waiting for me, then someone told me that I was just being lazy, this had me thinking, was I truly lazy? As some of you would know already from my profile, i'm a fashion designer, i love what i do, its not just the passion, it pays my bills as well, to me, i think I wasn't lazy, i just got distracted . Before I go further, let's take a look at the meaning of both words:

Procastination is an act or habit of postponing or delaying to do what you ought to do or what is necessary for you to do.


laziness is not wanting to do what you should do

When procrastinating, you know you will eventually have to do what you've been delaying, you probably are using the time you should use in doing a task to do sometimes else, while when you are lazy, you don't just want to do anything even when you know you have to do it.
Ana Tavares

In my own case, i had pending jobs down, but I was using the time I was supposed to do the work to be on my phone, haha, you will say I was lazing, no wait, i was trying to catch up on this interesting platform 'Hive' I just discovered, hive can be so addicting , why not? With it's lot of interesting people, communities, topics etc, for a newbie, it's easy to get carried away, thinking of what to post, entering different fun communities, reading different interesting topics. I wasn't lazy, rather, i used the time for something else.

Since the two has become important to me, how do i joggle both, you could also be in my position and asking the same question because Procastination as much as we say its not laziness, also has its own bad effect on a person, which could be ;

  1. not finishing a task at the right time
  2. It becomes an habit
  3. You become unreliable
  4. You start doubting your self, thus reducing self esteem
  5. No reward for the job left undone etc.

That being said, how do you overcome th habit of Procastinating and lead a healthy balanced lifestyle, I'll put you through what worked for me;

  1. as you wake up daily, set goals for yourself if possible, write them down
  2. Split a huge task into smaller portion so you don't feel overwhelmed
  3. Follow a daily routine, and stick to it
  4. be determined to complete the set goals
  5. look at the reward you get for finishing a task, in my case, i get paid and I feel fulfilled when my clients are satisfied with the outcome of my finished job.

At the end of the day, i don't feel guilty for leaving one for another.

In Conclusion,
Be self conscious to know when you've started procrastinating , because that its always the first step in trying to find a solution, you are not lazy, you can enjoy doing all what you like without making any of them have a set back , just follow the rules above and see yourself having a balance, it could be your job, school, hive like mine, whatsoever I think the rules above should be applicable basically toif not all, most of it.

Feel free to share your thoughts as well in the comment section, I'll love to learn how you overcame yours or what you are currently doing to overcome yours.

Thanks for reading.


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Nice one👌.
This is exactly what I tell people too, procastination is not laziness even though they look alike