Photographing Jelly-Like Fungus Species

Good afternoon all Asean hive friends.

In today's afternoon atmosphere I hope that all of you are still in good condition and also still healthy and enthusiastic, of course, to carry out all forms of your activities in the afternoon atmosphere, and also that you must always maintain your health condition in times like this, because when This makes humans susceptible to various diseases.

On this afternoon, I would like to share a post about a mushroom that I found on one of the long fallen trees in my backyard. So I think this is a pretty good thing if it is made as one of the posting materials for me to share with all my friends.

You certainly know that the fungus will grow in a damp place, especially if the tree has been exposed to water for a long time, be it rain or other water, which causes the wood to rot so that it opens to the leaf to grow fertile and form around the tree later. .

I myself do not know about this type of mushroom species that grows, but when we hold the condition this one mushroom is shaped like soft jelly but is also chewy and there is a slight tickling feeling when we touch it.

I think some of my friends know about the name and type of this mushroom, do you think this mushroom can be eaten, please give your comments if you know because this is important to me, because almost every day I find this type of mushroom in my yard My house.

Those are the reviews that I can share with all my friends, if there are any shortcomings, please provide your input, and I really don't close this input, and provide directions if you really need to direct them, so that you can write even better in the future, that's all and I say thank you very much to all of you.


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