The newly prepared rice fields are ready

Good evening fellow Asean Hives

Hopefully in the afternoon, all of you are still in good condition and also healthy and still enthusiastic in carrying out all forms of your activities in this afternoon's atmosphere, and the most important thing is that all forms of your activities this evening are smooth and in accordance with what do you expect.

On this occasion, I would like to write a post review about a situation in a rice field area which is currently in the process of replanting rice after going through several decades of obstacles due to the rainy season being too high so that the rice fields are always in a watery condition.

This is a view of the current condition of our rice fields, these conditions are stable enough to restart farming activities for the people in this area and currently the planting process has just begun.

Usually this rice will enter the harvest period in the next 3 months after a long time from the planting period, according to some of the farmers I asked, he said if the yield this time is maximum then the stock of rice for people's food this year will be sufficient, and their economy It will also help a little if the yields in the rice fields meet the target according to the capacity of the rice fields in this area.

Of course it is very important to get maximum results in order to provide an opportunity for our farmers to live more prosperously and their economy will be helped a little by the results they get from plowing the fields this year.

Thus my review in my post on this occasion, I hope that all of you will always like what I wrote on this occasion, and I also thank you for your visit to my blog this afternoon.

My regards

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