Serve and give in Love

"To Everything that we owned, we were actually given"

This is not a kind of phrase that we should take lightly.
Meaning that since whatever we have, we received, we should also learn to give it out.

This is how the circle of life continues. ...

When In the giving and also in the sharing and the ensuring that nothing is remaining..

How often do we remain reservoirs of good things instead of channels. We just keep receiving and receiving without letting out.

And do you know what happens eventually to water that doesn't move? It stinks.

Same thing happens if we refuse to use our gifts for the benefit of others. Eventually it becomes useless; an uncultivated gift or talent becomes useless.

We owe each other our gifts, talents, ourselves. Living a fulfilling life requires that we serve others. We seek to satisfy a need here and there. That's how life goes on. That is how life's source flows.

If you are afraid of using your gifts and wondering if you will be any good. Remember the world is waiting to receive from you.

To those who are "reservoirs" let the water out, let it flow so that fresh water can come in. So that you also can receive more and be refreshed.

Only in giving to others can we really say we have lived a fulfilled life.

This circle of life, may not be if all we do is store up our knowledge, skills, gifts and whatever life had blessed us with.

Give and serve in love for "all that we have, we were given"....

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