Going on a date? Here is My top Ten tips for a successful one.LOH community content #107

Hello beautiful ladies of hive
How was your day and hope you all are doing fine?
I would be give you some important tips you need to know before You step out of your house to go on a date. But before then, let's understand the word "date" so we don't give tips that are not applicable.
What is dating?

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Dating is any social activity in which your romantic interest is focused on one particular person and that person’s interest is focused on you.it could either be face-to-face, on line. If you have a friend who is of the opposite sex and you both have a special romantic understanding and communicate regularly, it's dating.
So having understand what dating means how about we understand what going on a date implies.
What does it mean to go on A Date.
Going on a date simple means having a special outing or activity with that person whom you have a special relationship with.this outing could either be in a park,the cinema, an eatery or even a garden just anywhere that allows you both to talk and get better acquainted.
Many people have a different view about dating someone think dating is just for fun , others it boost their self-esteem....I personally view dating as a way of getting to know someone more better to see if we are compatible , because when I date someone I'm in effect affecting that persons feeling so before I agree to go on a date I make sure my intentions are honourable....
Here are few tips that had been a guide and I think it can be of help to you the next time you agree to go on a date.
1: make sure your intentions are genuine and be open.

2: Keep to time: the same way you wouldn't want someone to keep you waiting don't keep them waiting too.

3: Go out with extra cash : sometimes we feel so comfortable going out on a date that we forget this most important point, your date might not be able to pay for somethings due to insufficient funds you can step in and save you both the embarrassment.

4: Avoid crowd : Go out with just one chaperon. One is a company but two are crowds so even if You must, go out with your trusted friend.

5: Avoid making too much order: sometimes You are given the opportunity to choose a meal or even a drink that not the time to show how classy or expensive You are, just pick something less expensive it shows how reasonable you are and it opens opportunity for next time.
6: Dress responsible: your dressing speaks more than your words.if you are going to a fancy restaurant dress according to it, if it's a park or a cinema then dress smartly and simple.

8: Talk less and listen more: sometimes allow your partner to express himself,give him a listening ear, ask question to keep the conversation going and also learn to speak gently, calmly and politely when it's your turn to talk.

9: "Avoid touching your phone*: keep your phone far away from your reach or better still keep it in your purse when you do that your partner would also adjust...enjoy the time together and make it count.

10:Say Thank you: always express appreciate after a date even if you don't enjoy it, even if you made some expenses still appreciate who ever initiated the

If you read this far I'm sure you picked one or two tips that Yiu would want to implement why not share them with me in the comment section I would be glad to read it.
Thanks for reading.


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Dating is definitely not my thing but these are salient points...weldone