My unofficial "Road to HiveFestMX23" Ola 🌊 Surfista πŸ„ playlist.


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Road to HiveFestMX23" Ola 🌊 Surfista πŸ„ playlist

HiveFest 2023 Ola Surfista is just around the corner and many hivians are already taking their trips and traveling from different parts of the world to Rosarito Baja California in Mexico, this made me think, why not make a playlist with something more representative of Mexican music? With this the happy HiveFesters will be able to get a little more in the mood with the Mexican culture, because music is an excellent means of expression and transmits sensations regardless of the language.

In this list I have compiled what for me are the most representative songs of Mexican exhibitors, it has genres such as Hip Hop, Ska, Urban Rock, Rock and roll, Regional Mexican music and all the interpreters are 100% Mexican.

I used Spotify to make this list because for me it is one of the best apps on the web2 to manage my music, I hope you like it and let me know when you listen to it what you think.

See you at HiveFest 2023 Ola Surfista.

If you know of Mexican music and feel that I did not include a song that should be on this list let me know in the comments.

This list will be updated daily to have more songs on it. Even those that we hear already at the event that are Mexican

100% rewards collected from this publication are destined to my HP growth, thank you in advance. Enjoy the playlist.


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