How Excuses work?


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Everyone desires to grow and evolve into their best self, yet unknown to us we do things that hurt us and our growth. When we become aware of what we do and why we do those things personal growth becomes a tad easier.

How Excuses Hurt our Growth

There are so many ways in which we become our own worst enemies. Self- sabotage is an effective way of preventing ourselves from reaching our goals.

How does one indulge is self-sabotage and why?

Negative thinking, coming up with excuses to keep out of everything, perfectionism, fear of failure and fear of success are some of the reasons we indulge in self sabotage.

Sadly, these are subconscious actions which have become habits over time and now work on autopilot so that we are not even aware of what is going on in our head. These arise from deep seated feelings of low self-worth.

Why The Excuses?

Some of us shoot down every opportunity that comes our way with excuses.

Excuses are a way of rationalizing why we cannot be a part of something or we cannot do something.

It is a mental mechanism through which we convince ourselves about our limitations.

An excuse works as a defense mechanism to shield self from perceived hurt or failure.

It could also be a way of avoiding the discomfort of stepping out of our comfort zones.

It is almost always a way of avoiding responsibility for any action or inaction.

The dangerous thing about excuses is that we start believing in our own lies.

**How do excuses hurt us? **

Excuses stop us from reaching our goals, they stand between us and our dreams.

They hinder us from gaining new experiences and stunt our growth.

They shackle us in assumptions and fear.

They keep you from gaining knowledge and power, there is often no solid evidence or proof to back the excuses we come up with.

They prevent us from living up to our best potential and ensure that we can never become what we could be.

Most importantly they destroy our future by stopping us from believing in our self.

Can you stop the excuses?

Yes, you can.

Become aware of how you speak or think.

Watch out for a ’if’ clause in everything you want to do.

Stop, rethink the issue, ask yourself 'why not' and

find reasons for 'why' you should do the thing you first shot down at first and you'll be on your way to being your best self.

I appreciate your stopping by to read. Thank you.


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