Innocence Lost


Milly loved the smell of fresh air in the morning. She stood smiling, hands grasping her bag as she waited for her bus for work. Work. Felt so weird thinking it, saying it. Yesterday went by so fast, she hardly had time to soak it all in.

She was finally adulting!

The bus came and Milly sat at her usual seat by the front-facing window. She took this time to look around at all the faces riding with her: the kids with schoolbags and workbooks - the life she left behind; the people with briefcases, suits, and dower expressions - the life she was approaching.

Except for that dower expressions part, Milly would love her job. It was what she was waiting for after all.

The bus let her off right in front of the enormous building complex. Was it this big yesterday? Milly felt her smile but left it plastered, she wanted everyone to see her happy. She thought it would make their days better as well.

"Your ID please, ma'am." The security guard stopped her with a raised hand. "And who will you be seeing?"

"Ah, I actually work here, kind sir." Milly removed a strand of her on her cheek. "I started yesterday. Department of Foreign Affairs." She handed her ID still.

The security guard accepted it with raised eyebrows. After a while, he came back to hand her ID back. "Apologies Mrs. Tillman. We'll remember your face soon enough, can't really forget something so pretty. Just doing our jobs, you understand."

"Of course! Have a nice and eventful day, sir." Milly nodded goodbye to the nice guard.

"Eventful... right..."

Milly passed through hallway, stairs, elevators. All the while feeling the eyes of anyone she passed. It was normal. Being the newest employee in such a large and well-established firm. A new face would always draw curiosity.

She knocked on her boss's room until she heard the inevitable. "Come in!"

"Good morning, sir."

"Ah, Tillman! Yes. Take a seat, woman. I barely had a chance to look at you yesterday, mmm, yes."

"I am very honored to have been excepted into your firm, sir. I can't wait to -"

"Honored, yes. Very honored indeed. Tell me, Tillman. How old were you again?"

"Twenty-two, sir."

Mr. Ericson held up his hand. "Drop the sir, please. You're making me feel old."

"Mr. Ericson then," Milly said with a smile, which the boss reciprocated.

"Seeing as how this is your first proper day working with us, why don't you join Mr. Smith's group? They have quite the project on their hands. Your... fresh input, might prove invaluable."

Mr. Smith was in his conference room. Surrounded by papers and coworkers. His bald spot was red and his mustache was quivering.

"Mr. Smmith, sir."

"What? Oh. Where's the coffee, girl?"

"Actually, I was sent to work with you by Mr. Ericson." Milly stuttered. "We met yesterday in the -"

"I know who you are, doll. Where's my coffee?"

Milly was sure she was blushing something fierce. "I'll... go get it, sir."

Smith nodded slowly. "Sugar and a lot of cream, girl."

By the time Milly got the coffee ready the work group had disbanded. She placed the steaming cup in front of the group leader. She noticed he had a hard time taking his eyes off of her. Did she have any stains on her coat?

"What was your name again?"

"Mellina Tillman, sir."

"Mmmmm." Smith leaned back in his chair. "Be a good girl and fetch me a document will you?"

"Of course, sir."

"Gooood. Bottom drawer, that one over there, against the wall."

Milly had to remove several boxes before she could reach said drawer. Then she had to lean down to start searching. Still, she couldn't find any folder."

"It... should be... on the bottom, doll."

Milly finally grabbed the folder, snap turning to -

See Mr. Smith with his pants down. His dick rock hard in his hands.

Milly dropped the folder and ran out screaming. In the hallway, she bumped into a nicely dressed lady with fancy spectacles. Mrs... Barbra was her name. Milly met her yesterday as well.

"Woah there, child. What's the fuss about?"

"Mr. S-s-smith! Hehehe -"

Barba cocked her head. Then raised an eyebrow. Then gave Milly a thorough look over. "That creep..."

"Has he done this before??" Milly was flabbergasted.

"Acting all innocent now are we?" Mrs. Barbra got real close. "Listen to me, you little skank. Do you think you can just waltz in here and seduce my life's work? Take that skirt and shove it up your flat ass. Understand?"

Barbra turned and left, leaving behind a speechless Milly.

Uncertain as to what to do, or think for that matter. Milly turned to the only person she could - Mr. Ericson.

"He did what?" Ericson sounder outraged. "That scumbag... I've told him! How many times?" He sighed. "Did he... touch you?"

"What? No!" Milly managed in between her sniffles.

"Good. At least he has that under check." Ericson looked at her, and his eyes seemed to undress her. "Mrs. Tillman. I will keep that sleazeball in line."

"T-thank you, s-"

"If you show me something worthwhile."

"I promise to work really hard, sir. Just -"

Ericson chuckled. "Work? I'm sure you're the proudest worker bee, Tillman." He got up to lean against the tall windows. "No. What I want from you, is some skin, mm? You understand?"

Realization hit her like a bag of bricks.

Her entire body started to tremble. She saw her hands moving, fingers slowly unbuttoning her coat, then shirt underneath. Her mind was blank. Her hands...her hands were shaking. She was scared. So scared. And... and she didn't want this... Mommy? She, she didn't -

"Oh with the tears!" Ericson appeared disgusted. "Look. If you're gonna be a crybaby then just leave. Ok, Tillman? Jeez." He sat back down and started reading his newspaper. "I thought you were a professional."

She caught herself at the door, remembering to put herself back in order. Her wits slowly regained she turned. "May I be excused for the day, sir?"

"Sure. Why not. It's not like you're doing anything."

Milly managed a straight face out of the company. Her eyes now opened, saw the leering security guard as she left. She felt sick. At home, she cried. Cried until the tears refused to come. It took a long time for that to happen. Ultimately, she was more confused than when she was a child.

She understood then that she was still a child...

The next morning, she waited for her bus, hating the smell of the dank air...

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How awful that this still goes on in the workplace. I witnessed it 20 odd years ago in a previous company that I worked for ... heard the rumours, and had some of them verified by close friends who were propositioned by senior managers. I left that company - they had me on a fast track to management - I decided I did not want to be a part of their filthy baseless clique. The first opportunity to resign, I did! It makes me sad that Milly got back on that bus the next day. Surely there are great opportunities out there for women these days that don't involve them being treated as sex objects. Fabulous writing, Јоцко
I could feel her anguish, her embarrassment, her shame. !PIZZA !ALIVE