Book Two Gets Five New NFT Artworks


Book Two Gets Five New NFT Artworks

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Book two of Frankie ravens continues to grow in the artwork collection section. Now five brand new artworks have been added to the Frankie Ravens NFT collection on OpenSea. There are a few unique versions from book two that can be found right here on hive at NFTShowRoom

This nearly wraps up the exclusive artwork collection for book two and book three artwork won't be far behind. The episode where Frankie goes head first against her first ever evil villain.

All of these artworks are one of a kind and only one print is on the Ethereum blockchain. Each is a high resolution image and some are even animated for a truly exclusive one of a kind print.

I particularly love the animated artwork as it can be bought and then displayed in a digital artwork frame which brings artwork to life and makes it truly special!


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