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Have you ever had canned meat? Maybe tuna or chicken? Let me teach you how to make homemade canned chicken! It’s easy, and it leaves you with a ready to eat meat that you can eat from the jar or throw into a recipe!

As promised in my last video for canning chicken bone broth I said I would have another canning video soon on how to raw pack can chicken! Of course always follow approved recipes when canning to help prevent any spoilage or other harmful bacteria in your canned foods.

To follow along with a recipe please visit my recipe site where you can print it out at Raw Pack Canned Chicken Recipe

In order to can raw meat we have to use a pressure canner. This is because the acidic levels are too low to be able to use a water bath canner which is reserved for high acidic foods such as your fruits and jams. The added pressure of a pressure canner allows us to reach higher temperatures which kills off the harmful bacteria that might grow in your canned foods. Always use your eyes and nose to detect issues with your canned food and before raw packing your food.

Items you’ll need

You can also do a “hot pack method” of canning chicken where you slightly cook the chicken before placing into the jar. This process allows you to place more chicken into the jar, but I feel that the raw pack method is easier because you don’t have to deal with cooking the chicken.

The hot pack method is preferred because you fill the jars with liquid to cover the meat, whereas the raw pack method generally won’t leave you with enough liquid to cover the meat for storage. I still like the raw pack method.

What pressure do you can at?
Dial-gauge pressure canner:
0-2000 ft: 11 lb
2001-4000 ft: 12 lb
4001-6000 ft lb
6001-8000 ft 14 lb

Weighted-gauge pressure canner:
0-1000 ft: 10lb
Above 1000 ft: 15 lb

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