5 Items For Long Term Food Storage

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I love food! More importantly though I love being prepared. Being prepared with food storage is one of the smartest things you can do for you and your family.

In this video I go over 5 essentials for long term food storage and how you can start getting prepared yourself.

  1. 5 Gallon Buckets

These buckets are great for food storage, protection of the food and gamma lids for them. The other part of this is once one is used you can either stock up again or use the bucket for other things you might need to transport if you find yourself living out of your food storage.

  1. Canning Lids

When things got crazy these lids became hard to find and expensive. Whenever you see these on sale it’s a great idea to pick up some extras for your mid term food storage. These are great for canning and storing things like meat and items from your garden.

  1. Canning additives

These are great for making your jellies and jams which I love! I would be so sad if I found myself making bread but having no jams and jellies to go with it. Stocking up on these items is great so you can produce your own for years to come.

  1. Mylar Bags

These bags are great for long term food storage. I often find myself storing gains and other foods for 15+ years in mylar bags which I place into the 5 gallon buckets with the gamma lids.

  1. Manual Can Opener

It might seem funny but what do you always see in movies and real life? Shelves of great quality food stored in cans with no easy way of getting into them. Having a manual can opener at all times ensures you can get into your long term food storage safely and effectively.

I hope you found these long term food storage tips helpful. For more [Food Storage Tips visit my blog] (https://gubbahomestead.com/blog/)

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