50% Reinvestment strategy and Game Stats upgradation.

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Hello all friends

hive blockchian

Welcome to my another video on Play2earn games on Hive blockchain.
Hope all of you are good and safe.

I have upgraded some of the game stats which were essential to progress in game. I am continuously burning the PART token to increase those stats. I am still prefer to reinvest 50% earning from the game. The token price is not much attractive to their is no chance to sell them in market. So I am transferring the token in other account and hold hem.
Following are the different stats I have upgrade already.
Power is already at level 10 and got one bonus power also.
The fortification is 2 level greater then the power, so holding the 12 level for fortification. I have intentionally increased the fortification to protect the token my stash for getting looted. I will increase some more level to increase the protection level.
Faith is at level 17 long with 2 bonus so total 19. It helps me when I attacked other players.
By increasing the banked and faith I am able to increase the shared token stash size to 2.25. Now it do not get full in 8 hour time so increased my shared token earning.

Do check the video for more details.
Thanks for watching the video.

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