Yumei | Oni Collection #10


Be honest with me, did you miss the Onis?

Hello! it's been a few days since I was here with a new post, I took a few days off because it was halloween and I locked myself up to watch horror movies and series, but now I'm back and I want to see your halloween costumes in the comments, don't be shy.

Finally I've made ten Onis for my collection, although I'm not going as fast as I should, I've been making them since June! but at least I've been advancing with them, today I introduce you to Yumei, a gentle girl, but with a rebellious touch, who leads her life as she wants and doesn't let anyone stop her when she wants to do something, she's a free soul living her own dreams.


  • Gaomon S620
  • Photoshop
  • Brushes courtesy of Imad Awan: Download here


-Step 1:

As usual I started sketching the new Oni, because of her free spirit, I sketched her sitting her way, just like old ways people say ladies shouldn't sit, but Yumei doesn't care about that, that's why I have drawn a mask on her hand but she doesn't use it to cover her face, she uses it to call attention and show her mischievous face.

-Step 2:

I wanted her to be the total focus of attention, that's why I placed her in the middle of a dark station and used a vibrant color palette on her, immediately establishing brighter areas on her face, to again give more emphasis to her expression.

-Step 3:

But as I looked more closely at the face I realized that it was disproportionate, it was too big, the eyes were not properly aligned and the lines of the sketch were in the way, that's why in a new layer on the lines of the sketch, I started to detail the face, turning the canvas horizontally constantly in order to improve the position of the face.

-Step 4:

Then, I worked on the clothes and hair, always keeping in mind that I wanted to capture in her a messy look, just like those people who don't care what they wear or if they are disheveled, but still somehow always look good, achieving an innate beauty that matches her carefree attitude.

-Step 5:

As I said before, I wanted Yumei to be the total focus of attention, so I didn't go for a detailed background and just painted a dark room that keeps your attention on the girl sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor. I felt that I had lost a little of the expressiveness that the face had in the sketch, so I dedicated myself to improve the outline and illumination of the eyes, to recover that mischievous expression that was what I wanted to show, and that also now matches the tattoo on the neck and arm.

I will leave you a GIF with the whole process on it, so you can better appreciate the illustration process.

Tell me in the comments that you imagine when you see this illustration.

See you in a future post!

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