My God brother

Hello to all. Brother, what has someone said well, friend, whatever comes in handy and share in every sorrow. Similarly, today I have a friend who is not a friend to me, but a God brother. They are doing it and inshaAllah giving encouragement saying I am with you. This brother's name is Andrea Gabrieli

. Where is he and where am I? I mean he is in Atlee

and I am so far away in Pakistan

and he is helping me

. And friends. Such a deep relationship on a meeting. That's why there is another golden words if your friend is a scholar, you are a scholar and if your friend is rich, then you are rich. What my friend has done for me till date is immeasurable .And because of my friend, today I am standing in the field of education

, but not only that, my mother got sick, my friend's hand, if there is something needed at home, the friend's hand, but this is a gift from God to me. I have my friend. a broken box as a gift to him but he was proud that this is everything to me. And despite my care, he gives me nothing but advice and encouragement. Whenever I mention my friend, everyone in the village Such friends long to meet. May God grant my friend happiness 💖💖and success in every position. And I pray to God to meet my friend once more.