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Today was a day of missed opportunities. I agreed giving help to people that needed it. Several zzp colleagues has problems with their administration. they just began working as a zzp'er and don't know anything about administration. Because I'm out of work due to corona and my muscle disease doing too much too heavy. I will have to change gears and this is one thing I will do. Also I will do something else because helping others is kind of my thing I will be cooking up something that helps others and thereby help myself with it too. Today it was a day of preparation, I really need a better schedule and more attention in blocks so I will concentrate at scheduling in blocks. I went into the store today and bought some things to help me with the administration. Also doing administration of others will suck my time more. 28 June it will be my birthday so some family members will be coming over. Before that I will need to get my house at perfect condition this will take a lot of time to make everything corona free. Also I need to get some projects up and running at that time to show off my family. I made 4 casts today and must say I'm a bit tired after all of this. going shopping, buying lottery tickets, office stuff, make a hairdresser appointment one day before my birthday. I will be 49 years... yes almost 50... I forgot to do 2 chores and will do that tomorrow. also I forgot to buy one thing also so that will be bought tomorrow glue for my aquaponics system that I will be expanding. I'm very disappointed because of the witness server again not installing it failed at 52% with a file space fail but there was enough space there. The Mira may be a great thing but it sucks for me.. yeah there is mira here you are good luck with it.. but without any good documentation. I'm more kind of a windows administrator but I don't give up. I did linux gameservers long time ago and did a unix development server so I'm already known with linux kind of language but it is buried under whole pile of troubled past.

Things needed to be done before birthday.

I need to get the aquaponics system in top knoth before that. This is possible and I will do that to let everybody see that this system will help solve the food crisis in 3 months time. Instead giving everybody what they need on food they could grow it themselves. I hope my windmill has come by that time so I can show off my windmill and it's capabilities. This will be also one my main directions witch of my work. I need to clean my house because everybody wants to see how I love, I live here already 6 years they have been here once or twice. All rooms must be top notch and that alone will be a day job but I will trust it will be done as good as it gets. It will be also better for myself. The work/sleep mode has going on too long with a month bed-rest as result you know what a year working like this is doing with your house. I can't pay a cleaning lady anymore so I must do it myself just plan it in. I need to buy more cups because since my last birthday years ago there broke a lot of cups. Also buying some birthdaycake and the spoons that come with it so it will be nice and tidy when everybody comes. All rooms have to be cleaned and my administration has to done before that time. I have also one room that needs a big big turnaround it is a shed right now but it can be done. My aquaponics room will be also more of a storage/grow room and storage will be moved to the kitchen. Also two types of potato growing will be tested out this will be started when the other potatoes has sprouted. This second one is without soil so no chance of sickness and no waiting of 4 years to get to use the soil again for potatoes. this is a very long time if you need 25 litres of soils every 4 months. I'm confident that this will be right thing to do. I just woke up with that idea putting one and two together that makes four.


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