How to do it right

Did we forget our power?

we all are struggling in our life. Sometimes we pray , meditate ask help... But as we ask help we do it wrong. Several teachings gives us the solution. But not only the bible says it. The munks in tibet also the newer teachings say don't wait or ask the universe for things to happen but act as if it all ready happened. Feel the way as it all ready happened. This is a short version of a 4 hour long speech. The message... don't ask the help feel as if that is all ready happened. I feel that the witness server is all ready installed... I feel like I am a whale before the fork.


Ben je Nederlands? Ga dan naar deze Alldutch community, voor vragen over #Hive of alldutch ga dan naar dit discord kanaal het is een beetje stil maar het wordt regelmatig gecheckt. Voor engelstalig support is er ook het discord kannaal The terminal waar ook Nederlandstalige hivers aanwezig zijn. waar je je vraag aan kwijt kan.

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