Homemade Natural juice: Helps boost the immune system


While growing up my mum always made a juice for different individuals that helps boost there blood levels and make them look healthy, fresh and also boost their immune system. I never drank from it because I hate raw eggs I prefer it cooked or fried.

The ingredients are;

  • Pineapple: This is high in vitamin C and minerals, it makes the bone strong and builds the immune system fight off germs and bacteria.

  • Orange: High in vitamin C and folic acids which is known to help reduce the risk of cancer and it also contains fiber and potassium.

  • Eggs: This helps strengthen your immune system, helps your heart, gives you energy and also makes your brain work better.

Steps of preparation

Step 1: Cut off the stem and peel of the pineapple, after peeling you cut them into small parts that can be blended.

530F641B-102C-46F3-B802-F91FB8378B7B.jpeg source

Step 2: The number of eggs that is going to be used is depending on the quantity of pineapple and orange juice. When you get your egg, you whisk it.


Step 3: You blend the pineapple till it’s very smooth, and pour it out into a bowl.

Step 4: Squeeze out the orange into the bowl of pineapple juice and stir. After stirring you pour in your whisked egg into the orange and pineapple juice.

B515B482-8F27-4D3F-8BBA-A16E4141EB8D.jpeg source

Step 5: To get a fine juice you can choose to shive the juice and after that you can now pour into your cans for preservation. It can be preserved inside the refrigerator.

You can drink it regularly🙂 thank you for reading I hope you try this out 🙂

Health is wealth 🙂