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Hey Kings!

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Almost a month ago we added a new blockchain experience to our RAIDS ecosystem, called Super Raids that bring super prizes every week!

It consists of 3 bosses, you need to choose one to send your avatars to fight with them and every week, only one of those bosses will get the weekly prizes and will reward the top 25 players in the leaderboard.

Simultaneously you can also participate by Betting using BUDS on the boss that you think will raise as the winner of the weeek.

Until now the chance for each boss was the same. So 33.33% and that has created interesting outcomes like offering weekly quotes for the bets of above 3X!

That means if you won the BET, you would get 3X times what you put for it. Juicy earnings

Welcome To The REVENGE

From the super raids that starts on 22 May, we're gonna add the chance for every raid directly in the UI so you can see the chances for that Boss to be the winner.

And also we're gonna introduce the mechanic called Revenge.

When a Boss wins the Super Raid Event of the week, it will lose 5% of probabilities for the next week and that will be distributed to the other Bosses. And that will happen every week!

In a few words:

  • If a boss wins, it loses odds on its favor
  • If a boss loses, gains odds on its favor

Let's See An Example

Week 84:
This week's probabilities: [55.54, 28.91, 15.54]
The winning Raid is: Raid 1

Week 85:
This week's probabilities: [50.54, 32.19, 17.26]
The winning Raid is: Raid 2

Week 86:
This week's probabilities: [53.64, 27.19, 19.16]
The winning Raid is: Raid 3

Week 87:
This week's probabilities: [54.27, 31.56, 14.16]
The winning Raid is: Raid 1

Week 88:
This week's probabilities: [49.27, 33.35, 17.37]
The winning Raid is: Raid 1

Week 89:
This week's probabilities: [44.27, 36.55, 19.17]
The winning Raid is: Raid 3

Week 90:
This week's probabilities: [48.0, 37.82, 14.17]
The winning Raid is: Raid 3

Benefits For The Players

This update aim to create a dinamic structure for the weekly quotes and adding more luck to the table of the SuperRaids.

As you can see in the week 89 and 90 in the example, the BOSS WITH THE LESS ODDS won 2 times in a row. This would mean that users that bet on it against all the odds would enjoy a super quote as most of the players will go for the Boss with the Highest odds.

Remember that the Winner Boss get 90% of all the BETS made in the other 2 Bosses, and distribute it to its Bettors.

We will be able to say things like a 50X in a week and other crazy returns with the dynamic odds!

¿How to Start On Hashkings?

The fastest and coolest way to enter the Hashkings ecosystem and be part of our future is by simple buying and staking some BUDS!

Click here to stake some BUDS!

You will start earning rewards since day one and you can multiply those rewards with our XP system.

Some of these extra layered rewards are:

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Help us to build the future on HIVE

Remember you can use BUDS in all our games and get a 20% discount instantly!

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