Telang flower water drink

Good afternoon friends wherever you are. I hope that your days will be very pleasant and of course you can do the things you like and also what you want wherever and whenever and on this occasion I hope you are in good health apart from your health I also hope you have good finances in the midst of the crisis conditions that we are currently experiencing almost all over the world even with the threat of a recession will occur

On this occasion, of course, I will share one thing with friends, which is one of the things that is very healthy. Of course, I have just enjoyed one of the healthy drinks, namely water from butterfly pea flowers, which is one of the flowers that has benefits. for our bodies which is very much so of course at this time they are also being sold in cafes which are not too far from my residence, only about 30 minutes away by motorbike.

Apart from tasting good, of course the flower water is also very healthy and even has a very attractive color, namely purple and of course if nothing is added it tastes almost like tea but the color and aroma are slightly different and of course it is very enjoyable in cold conditions and that is one of the very refreshing drinks and this is of course what to convey to friends on this occasion. Have you ever enjoyed a drink like I enjoy? Please provide your comments below.

All This Photo Taken With :

Location PhotoAceh
Camera usedSmartphone


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Wow, it's a very useful drink, but I often make this drink myself because I happen to have these plants at home

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