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Somewhere on the space station hovering around Earth, the chime of a message is heard as Jamie who's on his night shift suddenly jerks awake.

Swearing at no one in particular, he looks at the spilt coffee on the ground for a few seconds before his brain fully registers that it wasn't the coffee cup dropping that woke him up but the two words now blinking on his screen.

Immortales // Coffee

The words continue to blink for about five more seconds before his terminal returns back to the screen displaying outer space. Confused at the meaningless message he'd just seen, he quickly stands up to clean up his mess.

The bosses at the top must not find out he'd been drinking coffee close to technology worth millions of dollars, but Jamie was a coffee freak and from time to time he would sneak in a cup whenever he was on a night shift.

He didn't think much of the message on the screen, except to think that his friend Adolfo currently on his own shift on another part of the station had been playing a prank on him.
The coffee spill cleaned up, eyes alert and the message in the recess of his mind, Jamie grumbled at his bad luck for now having to stay up without a cup of coffee.

It wasn't until he met up with Adolfo later during breakfast and he denied knowing anything about the message, did Jamie realize there might be a problem.
It could be nothing but it could also be a system hack, so he reluctantly asked for a technician to check his terminal and they discovered there was never such a message in the stations system.

Top brass got wind of the situation and although they didn't believe his story, he was soon earthbound as he was sanctioned for bringing food in close contact with sensitive technology.
On earth, Jamie eventually shared his story in a video online, but wasn't taken seriously by anyone until Caroline.

Caroline was a scientist and for years she'd been trying to prove the government had numerous contact with aliens and were always trying to cover up the sightings.

She was always looking for all the stories regarding space no matter how weird it was, which was why Jamie's story came up on her news feed.
Jamie a former staff on a space station who'd been sent back to earth over a coffee spill, something definitely wasn't adding up.

Like everyone, she didn't take the story serious until she had some of her contacts up there snoop around. They confirmed that even if the message was deleted it could still be recovered in a number of ways, but there was no such message in the system so Jamie had to be lying.

Caroline almost gave up on the story as another lost cause. But looking at the sincerity in Jamie's eyes as she watched his video again, it was either he didn't know he was lying or he somehow believed it was the truth.

She decided to make contact.

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Jamie was still in bed when he heard his phone ring, grumbling he reached for his phone only to see it was Caroline calling.
It'd been a year since she first contacted him about his story and ever since then she called from time to time just to question if his story was indeed true.

Jamie still wasn't sure why she was interested in the story as he'd only shared the story because he believed the government was trying to cover up a hack and had wrongfully suspended him.
But Caroline had all these weird questions whenever she called and he always avoided talking to her as much as he could.

He answered the call but today she was practically screaming in his ear.

You were right Jamie, the answer was right in front of us the whole time

Still confused as to what could be happening, he asked What answer Caroline?

The answer to the question we've all been asking all our lives. Don't worry I'm coming over to your place soon she replied and hung up before he could speak.

Jamie still wondering if Caroline had finally gone crazy, struggled out of bed to make his morning cup of coffee.
He was still sipping his coffee when Caroline arrived at his apartment.

Apparently Caroline had shared Jamie's story with some of her friends on the dark web, and one of them had taken up a research on coffee. It had been discovered that the secret to being immortal was in smelling coffee and not drinking it.

Although he still thought Caroline was crazy, but as he thought about it the idea seemed to make sense. No one would ever think about just smelling coffee and not drinking it. It was crazy, but immortality was a big enough secret to require the cryptic method of delivery.

Caught between taking another sip of his coffee or believing the immortality nonsense, Jamie knew the world was about to be thrown into a state of even double craziness.
Was this worth risking his whole life once again he thought as he brought the cup closer to his nose.

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Somewhere in a deep research facility underground, rats in what look like research coats and others in military uniforms are seen scurrying around. Two of them standing side by side are looking at a screen showing the view of the human Jamie's living room.

It seems the humans have finally cracked the code we sent them, make sure it's never traced back to us

Yes sir. But Commander may I ask why we gave them our most important military secret

Captain, sometimes we have to take the long view. The humans can't be defeated, so we give them long life and watch them overpopulate the planet.
Eventually they'll leave system for another habitable planet when all their resources have been exhausted.
Earth will be ours


What the heck of a twist, talk about long term goals, nicely done


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