Weekend engagement week #143 how I will over come my fears in future


A lot of things have been our concern about our personal future and most of us don't know how to go about it. Good day everyone in this community, I want to specially appreciate @galenkp for this week proposal.

The picture is mine

First of all there are a lot of things that got me concerned in my personal future. But let me talk about this two:
1 financially
2 relationship

Most of my personal future concern is being financially stable I want to make my own money, I want to be an independent woman because is not every man that will need a lability as a wife. So I want to make money in future so I can take care of my personal needs without asking my spouse all the time.
Though they say in life money is not everything but I have come to realize that money is very important in our lives, infact without money we are nothing I am concern about my personal future because I want to make it big in future. That is why I am planning of starting a very big lucrative business for my self. Because I know if I but more effort in that, my dreams of becoming rich will come through.

The biggest concern I have about relationship is heart break, I am more concerned about that because i don't want to experience heart break or any form of pain anymore, I once had a very bad relationship with someone I loved so much but unfortunately he disappointed me at that time, I thought I would find love again, until I met in my husband who show me what true love is, but my major concern about my future right now is for me not to experience any heart break again. But now that we love each other so much, I will try my best to keep this love growing so what happened to me long time ago will not repeat itself. So all this has been my concern about my personal future.
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