If I were a superhero


If I were a superhero, I would do a lot of positive things to change the world, at the same time, I would do some crazy shits.

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If I were Doctor strange.
If I have the powers of doctor strange, If I am a wizard and a sorcerer, I would go into the future to see how things will be. I will use my magic powers to make this world a better place.

Image source: unsplash.com

Doctor strange is known as the Time stone keeper, I would use the Time Stone to reverse everyone back to their childhood, like I always say I wanna be forever young. I will travel around the world with my magic circle. Spend my morning in Newyork, go to the Philippines in the afternoon to eat and crash at Spain at night.

Image source: unsplash.com

If I were ant man
If I have the powers of ant-man, and I have the ability to grow into a small size like an ant, I would turn into it and go to my girlfriend's room climb into her bed and scare her (laughing). I would walk through the street, still in that small size eavesdropping. I would play and chill with the ants in the environment.

If I were spiderman

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If I have the powers of Spiderman, I wouldn't hide my identity like he first did. I would take my girlfriend on a ride in the air every day. Sometimes, if I'm high up in the sky holding her by my side, I would let her hand off me and laugh as she goes down, if she has gotten halfway, I'd use my webs to hold her and draw her back me.

Isn't that romantic? She would hit me for doing that stupid thing, but I would be a coconut head spiderman and repeat the same thing every time. If she wants to be my girlfriend, she needs to trust that I won't let her down.

If I were Captain marvel
If I have the powers of Captain Marvel, I would make food with the fire lacers from my hands.

If I were Iron man

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If I have Jarvis as iron man does, I would just sit in my house and control my iron suit drones to go buy things for me. I would have him go on errands for me.

If I were Thor
If I have the power of Thor, I would live on earth and only go to Asgard whenever I want to eat. I would have a lot of girlfriends if I have the body and handsomeness of Thor. If they do not come because of my handsomeness, I would draw them nearer with my hammer. By telling other boys to carry it. "Do am if he easy" is what I'll tell all of them till I snatch their girlfriends. I'll come to Nigeria or any other country, find a place where open ceremonies are being done, I'd call on the lightning and thunder with my hammer. They'll all run away thinking that rain wants to fall, but I'll tell them say "it's just cruise"

If were Wanda
If I were a scarlet witch like Wanda. And I can control people's minds, I would teach all the evil witches around the world how to make use of their power in the right way. Just like the way Wanda did to Agatha in wandavision, I would turn them to the friendly neighbor

If I were Captain America
If I have the power of Captain America. If I have the I can do this all-day spirit like him, I would go into the battlefront alone. I would travel to those terrorizing countries and help innocent citizens to fight the terrorists. Would go to The Boko Harams (Terrorist group) hidings and destroy all of them

I'll oppress Usain bolt with my speed and show him I can run faster than him. (On your left..)

If I were Falcon
If I have wings like the falcon, I would spend my entire day flying among birds. I will be the king of the sky.

If I were black panther
If I have the powers of the black panther. I would make my clothes, car, house, and every other thing with vibranium. If I have claws in my hands and can fly, I would go into the jungle to oppress lions, I would become the king of the jungle and show lion say "no be by roaring".

If I were Thanos
If I were Thanos and I had the opportunity to take all the infinity stones, I would make use of them positively. But my positiveness is in two dimensions.


I would use The mind stone 🔸- to know the wishes on everyone's mind and grant it to them with the Power stone.

With the Space stone 🔹I'll travel around the world and gather all the corrupt politicians in a building for a meeting and make use of The Soul stone🔸 to destroy the building with them in it.


I'd use the Reality stone ♦️to make myself rich, then use the Time Stone to bring Nathalie Emmanuel, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Emilia Clarke to my age and make them my girlfriends. With the mind stone, I'll know those who truly love me among them. If they do not, I'd use the Time stone to fast forward them to their old age.

I believe if Thanos had used the infinity stones wisely as I did above, he would be alive and the greatest man on earth, but the mumu man said he wants to help humans by destroying half of us.

I was among those that blipped when Thanos snapped his finger, for five years I was away, which made my junior brother older than me, it's not that he's older than me for real. Thanks to Iron man, he brought me back. Haha

Were you also blipped? Let me know in the comment section. By the way, only those that watch MARVEL SUPERHERO MOVIES will understand these very well. If you don't understand, don't miss out, go and watch those superhero movies.

Thanks for reading 💚