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This time I want to publish my mushroom photo shoot on my account @herialsaputra .
During the rainy season mushrooms will thrive. The factor that accelerates the growth of mushrooms is splashing rainwater. Mushrooms are usually easy to get in humid places, lack of sunlight, and watery.

When the rainy season came, I found a lot of mushrooms behind my house.
However, when the dry season comes the mushrooms are getting a bit rare.


Mushrooms, another name for fungi, are living things that do not have chlorophyll and are unable to carry out photosynthesis. The body is formed from a collection of hyphae that form mycelium, reproduction by the formation of spores especially when in a humid place.

Fungi are heterotrophic organisms or cannot synthesize their own food. Food is obtained by absorbing organic compounds from the environment
by absorption, namely by secreting an enzyme. Enzymes function to break down food that is outside the body. Disintegrated food in the form of nutrient molecules will be absorbed by the fungus.

The way fungi absorb nutrients by breaking down dead organisms we call saprophytes.
The following is the result of shooting various types of mushrooms behind my house and this is the result. Hopefully it will spoil the eyes!

2021-11-15 03.00.03 1.jpg
2021-11-15 02.57.28 1.jpg
2021-11-15 03.05.39 1.jpg
2021-11-15 02.58.38 1.jpg
2021-11-15 03.04.39 1.jpg
2021-11-15 03.03.27 1.jpg
2021-11-15 03.02.12 1.jpg
In obtaining their food, fungi rely on carbon obtained from other organisms for their metabolism. However, fungi have evolved in ways that allow them to use a wide variety of organic substrates for growth, including simple compounds such as nitrate, ammonia, acetate, or ethanol.

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