Hi everybody. How are you all. How are you today? I hope you are very happy and have fun, friends, of course I always pray for the best for all of us.

Friends!. on this occasion I want to share posts in the @hivemotors community! .because all I know here is a group of people who love motorcycles, right! Well, I want to share in this community about the 2007 RX-KING motorcycle. Let's all see some photos that I have arranged very neatly.

2021-11-28 01.16.22 1.jpg

This is an RX KING motorbike which is still very standard. You can say it is still a dialer output. even though this motorbike is about 14 years old. However, this motorbike has been modified to become a very standard motorbike. before being modified this motorbike is also quite damaged .and now we can see ya friends all. This motor has become lightning and clean.

The paint color has been changed to red. This is my brother's motorbike. My older brother bought it first at a price of 15 million. Now the motorbike has been modified with standard settings and spent about 5 million to make it a good motorbike. which is nice when viewed. Because if the motorbike is handsome, the motorcyclist will automatically look handsome, friends.

2021-11-28 01.16.09 1.jpg

2021-11-28 01.16.31 1.jpg

MOTOR RX KING is a fairly fast motor. The rx king motor is a type of 2 stroke motor aka emitting smoke. This rx king motorbike also has a different side oil from an ordinary motorbike. This rx king motorbike is dubbed as a land jet. with a fast speed. makes racing fans, modifying the rx king motorbike as a racing motor with a very fast speed.

Now the RX King motorbike is on the rise. What used to cost tens of millions, now the price has increased in total to tens or even hundreds of millions, friends. It's amazing, friends! .
Now many young people are looking for an RX King motorbike. But unfortunately, now its popularity is very difficult to get, because the price is increasing. Many rx king owners now choose to modify it without selling it to others because they know it is very difficult to get an rx king, friends.

2021-11-28 01.15.56 1.jpg

I once rode this rx king motorbike. The speed was very fast, friends. All the girls looked at me hahahaa. When I rode this RX King motorbike, I was very confident with the sound of the exhaust which was very manly. This is how the exhaust sounds "( bruuuuuuummmmm)" .

My brother takes care of his motorbike more than he takes care of himself. Until that much he loves his motorcycle.

2021-11-28 01.17.52 1.jpg

This rx king motor has been designed with a very good type. So that many rx king riders look handsome. Many young people are now playboys because of riding an rx king motorcycle. Because girls are attracted to rx king trains. Because if we ride the rx king. we look like young people who are very dashing. Because the rx king has an exhaust sound that is much different from other motorcycles. of course the rx king has its own specialties and specials.

2021-11-28 01.15.27 1.jpg

2021-11-28 01.15.42 1.jpg

For friends who have an rx king type motorbike, let's maintain and care for the sustainability of an rx king type motorbike.

Thank you @hivemotors .for giving me the opportunity to share in this community .good luck always .hopefully useful.
I said goodbye. And see you in my next post.

Warm greetings from me @herialsaputra to all corners of the world, especially motorcycle lovers



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