Hello friends, hive stock images, everyone. How are you all? I hope you are all right, I hope you have a very pleasant day. This time I want to post my photo shoot on my account @herialsaputra and I share it with all my friends in the @Stokimage community, hopefully it can be useful and always have fun as usual.

In the afternoon I crossed the highway
Which is rather quiet and has lots of trees and is filled with cute and funny wild monkey residents, but it can be dangerous for road-crossers.
When I was driving from the east to the west with an accuracy of sixty kilometers per hour. I saw a herd of monkeys who were going down the highway. Immediately I stopped the motorbike and took the initiative to take pictures from a less close direction in order to maintain vigilance and safety from wild monkeys which of course we can't tell whether they are tame or very wild.
When they took to the streets and approached me. I was so nervous because I was afraid that they were very vicious. But they are so cute and cute that my fear disappeared instantly and I managed to take very good pictures.
Usually a herd of wild monkeys like the one I photographed has each group with a different team leader. Usually their group consists of father, mother, children, and grandchildren. Usually they fight with each other between groups because of power or want to be the team leader. They have to beat each other to become a very strong team leader and can be made the king in their respective groups.
As we can see in my post. They descend from the forest to the road to find food that humans throw away on the side of the road. They came down from the forest together to look for food in the garbage dumped by humans that crossed the road.
There was also a car driver who stopped for a moment at the place to give food in the form of bananas to a group of monkeys. However, so far, according to the information I know, the monkeys always take to the streets to wait for car drivers or motorbike riders to wait for food from the riders.
Many humans also like to see the monkey. Because they are funny and cute. There is also a child who is still in his mother's arms who has a face that is so very cute that people fall in love.

I myself also really like seeing the monkey. About half an hour or so I enjoyed the monkey's funny behavior. However, I was sad to see that a baby monkey was hit by a very fast car. So the baby monkey was hit and the mother immediately picked up the child to take her up to the forest again. Monkeys are so loyal to their children and to their group. I salute the cohesiveness that a group of monkeys have.

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