Fungi lovers - a very unique mushroom with an ear-like shape

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I am as usual tonight, I want to share some of the photos I got today, I will show them to friends, so you can see some of the photos below


today I found a mushroom Auricularia Auricula is a very popular edible mushroom in Indonesia, this mushroom is known among the public as ear mushroom because it looks like an ear, while certain basidiomycetes have a texture similar to jelly called jelly ear fungi are more of a mixture than a distinct taxonomic group, some are able to recover from desiccation and resume spore production once damp


what is Jelly Ear-
Wood ear mushroom

jelly ear mushroom (uk) with other names including wood ear fungus, cloud ear fungus, most common between winter and spring, although often seen on old fallen branches, the fungus can colonize other hard wood

This jelly ear mushroom is easy to grow because it is cultured in a room with lots of sun, and grows best on deciduous trees, such as areca nut mango trees and etc.

This property makes it very popular in commercial mushroom cultivation, the jelly ear mushroom is a very tasty mushroom, like a soft onion

delicious mushrooms and chewy texture, so they are often used as a mixture in processed foods

According to my search on Google Lens, it is a mushroom Auricularia or jelly ear mushroom which contains many vitamins, including vitamins B1, B2, B3, biotin, and vitamin C. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and biotin, play an important role in the process, the body's metabolism, while vitamin c, plays a role in maintaining endurance, in addition to containing vitamins, ear mushrooms are also rich in mineral content, minerals contained in A, Auricula

mushroom Auricularia auricula

is a very beautiful mushroom with black and red colors, and in the skin is shaped like red veins
with lines in the flesh


mushroom Auricularia Auricula which rolls up very quickly, when we pick it

the Auricularia Auricula mushroom is still small, not in perfect shape, and there are no red vein lines




this is the result of my photo tonight I hope my friends can like it

thanks to the #Fungilovers community

regards @herryson

camera usedhandphoneandroid
type camerarealmi C20android


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