Another week towards the main goal - Spliterlands Financial Independence (this week rewards)


This week rewards were decent, with few more cards than usual:

22 DEC

11 monster cards: Venari Wavesmith, Venari Heatsmith x2, Pelacor Deceiver x3, Pelacor Bandit, Pelacor Conjurer x3, Pelacor Mercenary.

5 Alchemy and 1 Legendary potions

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The new reward cards are dropping like flies, all around the daily quests. Airdrop day 126/365 - total 1000 SPS staked and some liquid to buy some new packs when the vouchers are not needed. Already bought one as the first full voucher was collected. I noticed I have some small amounts of SPS as @Brofund rewards, which is cool. The DEC rewards for wins seems to increase based of some algorhytm that I did not calculated yet, but it is much better now.

With $7.86 this week I am pleased, but the prices going down lately, even so, it is a good effort. The total value of my collection is now $5522, according to Peakmonsters website, and I have 40075 Power without any rental, I got finally exactly how much I need to be in Silver II and get 3 chests for the daily quest rewards, for an extra 150% more rewards. Seems a good deal. I have 5 level 3 summoners and 6 level 2. Upgrading them right now is almost impossible, with the current prices. Luckily I have one Level 1 Yodin Zaku, to help me. Thinking of some summoner renting too soon. I have also tested the rental system, is quite nice, and I can use it at the end of the season to rent few cards and finish at Silver II, or maybe even I, who knows. I have 15 cards to rent now, with 36DEC/day. I am planning to get few more to rent, in order to create a passive income when I can afford them.

If you want to test this game, you can use my refferal for a free card gift:

Have a nice battle!