Fire is the test of Gold; adversity, of strong men (My weekly rewards in Splinterlands)

I was close to quitting playing before the new rewards system, but I decided to give it another try, and seems that the Silver/Gold rank is ideal to farm cards now. A decent week, with mixed results, as I got 15 cards, DEC, and a few potions. The best of the cards were a Gold Venari Wavesmith and 2 Blood Makers. What else did I get this week?

744 DEC

15 monster cards: Pelacor Deceiver x2, Pelacor Mercenary, Pelacor Bandit, Venari Heatsmith x3, Venari Bonesmith, Venari Wavesmith Gold, Blood Maker x2, Medhampir x2, Gargoya Lion, Everhungry Skull

9 Alchemy and 1 Legendary potion

The new reward cards are dropping like flies, all around the daily quests. Wow! Airdrop day 320/365 - with SPS AT $0.064 and I have no SPS stacked anymore. SPS price is down, and there are less than 2 months of Airdrop left. Already bought 18 packs and opened them when I got 5 of each potion. I noticed I have some small amounts of SPS as @Brofund rewards, which is cool. The DEC rewards for winning games seem to increase based on some algorithm that I did not calculate yet, but it is a bit better now. Overall, the value of DEC has stabilized: 1000 DEC for 1$, and I have stopped all the rentals for now, in order to upgrade cards.

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With $3.50 this week, I am pleased, but the prices going down lately, even so, it is a good effort. The total value of my collection is now $2775, according to the Peakmonsters website, and I have 85k Power without a few cards delegated to me, managed to get Gold II last season, but I am not having loads of chests. I can only keep winning if I got Fire Splinter, being quite weak with the other ones. I have 7 level 3 summoners and 9 level 2 plus a level 1 Legendary Fire. Upgrading them is almost impossible, with the current prices, but I managed to do it to level 3 for 2 of the new ones and get 3 new Level 1 cards for the others. I am thinking to stop playing and start renting all the collections, so, if this happens, probably I will just do one or two more posts similar to this one.

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