What makes us human? (And why I am afraid)


I do not usually talk with people about phobias, and I am pretty chill most of the time, being not really afraid of heights, crowds, snakes, spiders, or much else. Even the fear of death is not an issue, after so many different experiences that happened to me. But I have a borderline phobia for some reason, and this is the fear of earthquakes.

I don't know if this is the result of growing up with people that lived and survived the Great Earthquake of '77 (it was an earthquake with the epicenter in Vrancea, Romania, on 4 March 1977, at 21:22 local time, magnitude 7.4, lasting for 59 seconds, and more than 1500 people died during and after it, and 11.000 were wounded). I was born in 1977, yet, until the age of 14, I was listening to people telling us stories about earthquakes and how they survived. I only lived through a few much smaller ones, a big one with a magnitude of 7.1 on 30.08.1986, 150 people died on this one, and the scariest bunch, 3 earthquakes in 24 hours in 30-31.05.1990 (with magnitudes of 7 -first, 6.4 and 6.1, the following aftershocks, 13 dead). They scarred a generation, and many of the old buildings were completely destroyed, some cities were 80% destroyed, according to some newspapers.

Compared to these numbers the earthquake in Turkey has a 7.8 magnitude, and close to 200 smaller aftershocks. More than 5000 people are reported dead in Turkey and Siria, and probably 10-20 thousand injured. Keep in mind that the magnitude works differently, and the difference between a magnitude of 7 and 8 is ten times bigger. I can't even imagine how hard this could be on the whole community, and how it can affect multiple generations, especially as the help, as much as it is, it would be too little and too late. I am sure the Army will help, as was the case in Romania too, but the resources needed to recover will probably require a decade of continuous efforts.

If you think you can help, check this article to get some extra information:


The easiest way to help them seems to be Ahbap, an NGO that is efficient and trustworthy, one of the biggest in Turkey:


Let's give a helping hand. Show them that Hive cares, and Hive does what is needed when is needed.

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