Electricity Palava



Hi guys, today I will be sharing with us a brief about what electricity has been doing to me in this recent time.. You will agree with me that no one would not like to have electricity and water in any where they might be? Am I right? But when one of this gets missen, there will surely be some kind of unpleasant situation there.. With the use of electricity, you can actually get water to use because you will be able to pump water.. But here in my place, it's another story entirely. There are 3 phase of connection right from the terminal but now, where we got the light into our apartment is have just 2 phases which sometimes when the light breaks will affect our means of getting electricity.. most of the people around have started getting the 3rd phase to their apart which is the one you see in the picture with four wires and the one with the 3 wires is the 2 phase. This is how far we have been having electricity break for sometime now but I hope we get a better response from the community because we have laid complaints to them.. I hope we get a better response soon..

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