Cut your coat according to your clothes



There were three best friends named Victor, Emmanuel and Micheal. They all had one wife each, but didn't have a son. A son to be the heir to their properties. They were farmers and blessed by God to own large successful farms. Victor and Emmanuel were desperate in having a male child, so they each got married to another wife. Michael's love for his wife was a pure and strong one. He was advised by his friends to get married to another wife. He objected against it and continued loving his life.

He got tempted a lot of time because, his friends would send a lady to seduce him into falling for her. But due to his belief that having another wife will only cause more responsibilities and problems, he would disgrace and send them away.

Victor and Emmanuel still didn't get a son after getting married to a lot of wives. Michael saw that and mocked them saying,"you even married a lot of wives but only got more daughters". Some months later, their wives all got pregnant and gave birth tale children including Michael's. They were all happy and celebrated it big.

Some years later, Victor and Emmanuel's children began fighting over the properties and spent everything their fathers worked hard for. Michael had only two girls and a boy. His house was peaceful and no fights because, his daughters understood him and let their younger brother gain all the properties. Soon, Victor and Emmanuel no longer had had any properties again and went ahead to beg for some things from their friend. Michael only told them "you should have cut your coat according to your clothes". ~~> Italic~~